Wave of beheadings in UK anticipated

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Contrarian, Feb 4, 2007.

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  1. If this is true then it is terrifying in the extreme. Could we be about to see random Brits kidnapped off the street to be beheaded on camera? Or is it propaganda intended to put the sh1tters up the population? If this does become a reality then I think we can kiss goodbye to multiculturism. Would this not be the final straw that would lead to total civil collapse. It doesn't bear thinking about, does it?

  2. If it were to happen it would happen once, and once only.

    The response from the british public would see the security forces go fcuking loopy and lock away half of the muslims in the country. :threaten:
  3. We need to keep ahead of the terrorists and not lose our heads in the fight against extremism.
  4. But the prisons are full. Would the guvunment put them all in Travelodges?
  5. no that would probably be deemed an infingement on their human-rights :shakefist:
  6. No need. All that is required is a few ocean liners and a one way ticket.
  7. I dunno.

    If first in line is Tony himself, we could all be rejoicing.

    Only question is, who do we vote next in the line...


    PS. Nice story to whip up some anger. Now that the Big Brother story has gone, we really do need something to keep 'cash for peerages' et al off the front page, don't we?
  8. When does the football season finish tons of room in stadiums all thats needed is barb wire and some squaddies
  9. Interesting

    You are of course, not advocating the involuntary removal of UK citizens? Citizens born here?
  10. No, he wishes them to go on a cruising vacation to the Seychelles.

    You daft cnut.
  11. Crock of shiite-designed to add credability to the continued persecution of a minority. Similar tactics where used by the NAZI'S during WWII.

    This whole muslims hate us we must do something about them-is a simple propaganda exercise to once again paralyse the people of Britain(forest gate-ricin and many, many more)-to end all challenge of the hate filled assault on Muslim human beings world wide.

    It all of course adds credibility to a barbaric war(my opinion) that continues in Iraq-a war without justice or a hint of morality. Simply put the process of persecution of Muslim humans will continue as long as the war in Iraq keeps failing(it needs steam you see).

    1.6 million Muslim people live here in the UK, living amongst a total population of around sixty million. To generate hate for them keeps the heat away from War Criminal Blair. It serves his purpose, it keeps the minds of the nation focused on these nasty Muslims who want to rule us and break us as a nation.

    The fact is- the reality, the truth, as clear as the dawning of another day is this-Muslim people only became hate figures after Tony Blair backed the invasion of Iraq. He had to convince us that there was an enemy to pursue, there had to be a reason for the war so he created this hidden threat-one that in truth and reality-DOES NOT EXIST.

    Of course I am aware that some of these people have turned against their own nation-yet remember 1.6 million Muslim people have not.
    (corrected the stats from bbc website-sorry).
  12. If a major incident did take place which resulted in many deaths by home grown terrorists that I can forsee internment on a scale of WWII and even say the IOM used as a mass internment camp. Hopefully not but when needs must.........................
  13. so how many generations back will You force to leave - three, four, five.

    We'd soon have no-one left :roll:
  14. NO !

    It is the centenary year for the TT.

    Maybe after that.
  15. Follow my lead Sven and get out on your own terms voluntarily. I suggest you start consulting the Venezuela brochures. Seem to have just the sort of social programme that you support: socialist by ideology, huge sums of cash being pumped into education and health, keen on nationalisation, run by a former military officer, and the climate is pretty decent too. What more could you want?