Two teams, one men's and one ladies', comprising soldiers from Wattisham Station have just returned from Cyprus having competed in the RAF Akrotiri International Floodlit 10's.

The men's team was narrowly beaten in the final, by the RLC Corps team, in probably the best 10's match ever witnessed at the competition. A fantastic result for all concerned, a Station side up against a side hand-picked, and professionally trained, from the largest Corps in the Army.

The ladies' team was also beaten by the RLC in the final, a great achievement to progress to the final against some well-drilled and more experienced teams.

Well done to everyone concerned with the "Tour" and the results mentioned above were achieved with the necessity to "party at every occasion".

So if you see anyone walking around Wattisham with a smile and a tan, they were probably involved in the tour and well and truly flew the flag for Wattisham Station RFC.
Haaa Haaa Haaa, better even than when the Scottish national team (Scott Hasings et al) got beat by a Fijian team in 95, professionally trained side, at Corps level are you kidding me? Come on, Im all for blowing one's trumpet but lets put a bit of reality on it
Not interested in getting into a slanging match with you Sparky but we plotted this at "our" bar at the Army / Navy game. Maybe some of the REME rugby "elite" should join us next year, you never know you may learn a thing or two. LOL

What would you define as a Corps side that, being paid by the Army, predominately trains for and plays rugby?
NO Corps side has the resources to train and play rugby 24/7. The "elite" are ringfenced and the rest of the Corps coaches make do with the guys that can make it from the coal face.

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