Wattisham to Dishforth

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by lynxeffectLOL!, Oct 4, 2006.

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  1. Heard Rumours of all wattisham lynx sqns to dishforth and all AH from dishforth to wattisham?
  2. Yep.

    I'll bet the Corps will be a few lighter when it happens. :wink:
  3. This tallies with what we've been told at 6 Regt.

    Does ATIL have to stand the cost of the facilities re-location (their commercial risk, after all) or will they get an extra bung for their trouble ?
  4. Civvy company V MoD. Who do you think will be out of pocket?

    I'll rephrase;

    A hoard of highly paid commercial Lawyers V A spotty faced ALC Capt and a L/Cpl seconded to do the paperwork?

    Does that mean a shiny new Thales Lynx sim up at Dishcloth instead of relocating Dethmolds relocated Sinclair XZ Spectrum based sim?
  5. Wattisham ATIL building was designed for 2 simulators so not much cost to relocate, perhaps the company were given a heads up.

    As for Lynx I heard they were going to the south or south west and not Dishforth.
  6. Muttley, What AL are you on at the moment? I think its AL 56 this week. The word on the street (as of 18:34 GMT) is rumours of Dishcloth now in the equation. The previous official rumour was Dishcloth closing and assests moving South and South East. Seems to have changed again.

    I hear Nethers is going to have all Tristars and C17s by the end of May 08. Topcliffe is getting four Sqns of Typhoon and the AAC will take charge of all Through Deck Carriers based at North Luffenham.
  7. Maybe I should rename myself Mushroom! Im obviously not up to scratch with all the gossip.

    Note to self: Stop reading documents at work and thinking they are official.

    Footnote: Can I have a posting to one of the Typhoon Squadrons please Flash?
  8. Mutts, the news changes almost weekly at the moment as no firm decision has been made (I know, what a suprise). The latest rumour mentioned North as well as South and South East. If your doc was dated last month, it'll be out of date ;)

    Your posting order is on its way. :) You'll have to do your conversion in Albania though. I'd make you a Sqn Ldr but I know you wouldnt want the drop in status....or pay. :)
  9. Can i please officially start the rumour that all groundcrew are moving to Honolulu with a detachment in Miami (only during spring break of course) and a school of excellence in Vegas ('Las' not Johnny) !!!
  10. I don't think that the overall plan (Belvedere) has really changed much in the long term. Lynx moving to Dishcloth is only an interim measure and AH moving to Wattashame is just a sensible fast forward. The plan is still for all Lynx to be in Benson eventually, although I believe that this is more relevant to BRH than legacy A/C. This means that the Sqns should be in place down south (Benson) ready to receive the first rollout of BRH by late 2013 - IMHO this would mean moving down from late 2012 in preparation. It is worth noting that the new Lynx is not going to be a delivery en masse and the rollout could take 2-3 years (not accounting for delays) probably in batches of 4 A/C every few months.

    All of the above is only my (slightly informed) opinion which is, like everyone elses, worth shite. :)
  11. Floppy, can I assume that your no longer Floppy but now Semi Rigid?
  12. I am not an expert on these matters, Ok I am not an expert in any matter, but I do know that the original plan for ATIL Wattisham was to have two simulators and for Dishforth to have one simulator.

    The reason was simple, Two AH Regts were to be in place at Wattisham and one at Dishforth.
  13. MPSman, your right, however with project Belvedere there will be two AH Regiments at Wattisham, they will have 3 AH Squadrons however instead of 2. You will also be aware as you work for ATIL that as yet the Wattisham simulator building has only 1 simulator so bringing the dishforth one down will indeed mean there are 2.
  14. Thanks Floppy and Red, it was Belvedere that I read about. Apache to Wattisham and Lynx to Benson, Lyneham, or Yeovilton. Surely Yeovilton makes sense as the RN will have both there BRH and SCMR versions of F Lynx on the same station which will make life a lot easier for maintenance and spares etc?
  15. Red, that would be one way to 'skin the cat', another might be to use the one designated for the job in the first place. This will leave the dishforth one free to be re-deployed to somewhere else.

    Let the speculation begin, as its rife here . . . . .

    Christ I don't know I am just a small pawn in a big game, but there are a few options on the table I believe.