Wattisham to Dishforth move

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by catterick_commando, Feb 6, 2007.

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  1. Any idea whats happening - and what about the Gaz boys 7 girls?
  2. 7? That's pretty specific ;)
  3. I'll take that as a dont know then.
  4. Decision due to be made middle of the month. Was due out on 26th Jan - cretinous government have not decided yet.

    This is another scandal the journos should get their teeth into.

    Numbers are capped and 4 & 9 are not getting as many as they wanted to move.

    Chances are a Lx Sqn will be "lost" in the move and convert to an AH Sqn. The Lx pilots will join the sqns at Dishforth.

    Most are happy to go if with their current Sqns,

    You can bet the answer will be delayed then it will be a cluster to get it all done in a month. Imagine the disturbace to the families.

    June is when we are all guessing.
  5. no idea as to trades or cap badges affected but heard the other night that due to the relocation of assets 30 guys have signed off at dishcloth and 60 guys at wattishame.
  6. I heard it was 130 and 460.

    Every time something like this is mentioned the rumours of mass PVRs rise out of the woodwork. Later down the line it turns out it was all bar talk.
  7. Very few PVRs due to move. REME wise all moves are mutual not sure about AAC, probably Sqn will move etc etc ......... no surprises there! Man management etc
  8. Whats the problem with Dishforth ? Its right on the A1, between York and Middlesborough, you have Harrogate and Ripon within shopping distance ?

    Why throw teddies in the corner ?

  9. Housing and skooling would be the simple answer. Several are dug in, in each location and have been lucky enough to stay in the same place for the past 246 years.

    Both locations are nice but not interchangable apparently. Maybe they forget what colour uniform they are wearing?
  10. Coneheads in East Anglia - Northern Oiks in Dishforth, both fairly simple tribes but I'd hazard a guess that the Yorkshiremen would be victorious in a greased pig wrestling contest.

    Do they have schools in Yorkshire? I think children are sent to work "down t'colliery" from the age of three.
  11. I thought that they were all ruddy faced farmers, waiting for t'veterinary to check out the mastoids in their livestocks udderage department, and then moaning about t'bill.
  12. Used ta Booze in The Moor & Phesant on Dalton moor during my Topcliffe days.
    Nice part of the world.
    Brigade Commander was noted cross country runner and each Friday would visit one of his units and take it for a gentle run.
    Rule was finish level or before and OK but finish behind and Saturday morning Parade and repeat run for defaulters.
    John was behind Brig for all the run, Boss dropped back and wispered gently in my ear, John's final spurt saved unit's name, Brig says Never thought he'd make it.
    john who all but died that day.
  13. hopefully they will move. bowser mongs keep trying to blag the fact that they are pilots to my missus and her mates in liquid. must be millions of pilots at what-a-shame.

    both locations the people are very "local" if you know what i mean.
  14. It's not the move North / South, but the knowledge that it will all happen again in a couple of years time when they all bugger off to Benson. What a pointless exercise, why not defer the whole thing until Benson is ready. Talk about waisting the pityfull defence budget. Oh! and then replacing those who jump ship. Good luck to those who are not caught in the pension trap. :frustrated:
  15. Before Project Belvedere I was hoping we would end up with an AAC(V) det at Dishforth. Not gonna happen now, then, if the place will close in a couple of years....