Wattisham Airfield Open Day!!!!

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by lynxeffectLOL!, Jun 22, 2005.

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  1. Yes, its going to be great

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  2. No, Its a waste of effort and a security risk!!

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  3. No, its the regt 2ic last effort before the fat bas@ard fcuks off!

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  1. As some of you may be aware the Wattisham Airifeld Open day is soon upon us. Personally think its going to be a waste of time and lots of dickings flying round left right and chelsea. I know lets have an open day force the blokes to attend and work for the whole weekend, then have a regt party afterwards on the waterfront, so the lads can get methed and take out the venegence on various areas of camp on the way to town!!! :lol: I'm sure they won't break or bog in a black painted messenger of death!!!

    Also one of the main attractions you've guessed BG MAIN fcuking rolling up when I heard this!!!!! :lol:
  2. Life in the green suit old chap. Not exactly D-Day landings is it.

    Stop whining and act like a professional.
  3. hmmm can't wait to show my family round BG main !!!
    Oh no i can't i'll be f@><king working. :cry:
    hi ho hi ho!!
  4. the website hasn't got any pictures of BG main . I wanted to show my family what they were missing. Not to mention the punters it will lure in!!! :?
  5. Didn't realise it was a public event as opposed to 'families day'.

    LynxeffectLOL, even more reason to stop whinging and get on with it.

    (Had a look at the gallery on the link. Why has 3/4 Regt got a white UN Lynx on there? They never used the cab as UN!! Bloody cheek! :roll: )
  6. Seconded Flashy - LynxEffect you don't seem to have a good word to say about the fighting 3rd - perhaps time to reach for the signing off pen?
  7. Wait until they start the IAS again, give you something more to moan about! And that's TWO weeks of dickings, etc!!
  8. As a local scaley STAB I'm looking forward to taking my family round your gaffe, while you work a weekend :)

  9. Thats your mistake young man........ You take your wife to an environment full of rugged, handsome door gunners and Sigs guys your're gonna regret it... they will have her bent over a CP chair looking at her breakfast before you can say 'Oooh look at those helicopters'

    You will also hate yourself afterwards for not being one of us.
  10. First time I've been called young in a long time. Aren't door gunners a dying breed?
  11. Crikey the soldiers right to bitch and moan and still crack on and do the job is getting a hammering!!! :lol:

    Lynxeffects post is a little negative but to refer to the DDay landings I find incredulous, no need.

    Having looked at the website for the day, to advertise possible Blue Eagles involvement is hardly a crowd puller!!!! :lol:

    Anyway I sure it will be fun for some and not for others as with most things in life!!!! :D
  12. What can I say? I have been to a few "families days" as they were once called, boring old thing everyone must attend and no-one is interested.

    This year to put icing on the cake everyone is "working" that will be another day less in my life I suppose. An answer to questions that may be asked:

    1. No my family is not interested in this "you must pay and attend event".
    2. My friends are not interested.
    3. My work mates are not interested.
    4. I am certainly not interested

    But Joe public would love to come and see the main attractions Battle Group Main, the old tattered tentage held together with harry black! (if you dont believe me pay for the privilege on the open day). But it may not be the case as 3 Regt have a get out clause! - borrow from 9 Regt!!!

    By the way there is a cheezer officer that works in the training wing and ideas?
  13. Possible Blue Eagles participation!! There shouldn't be any thing possible about it. For an AAC airfield open day it should be mandatory.
  14. Reference Blue Eagles you would have thought it that it would go without saying that they are going to be there. I also would have thought we could have put a few more flying displays on, as that is pretty much what people want to see, however I understand the whole insurance thing.

    Or is it that it is Colchester Military Festival soon and bde don't want the corps upstaging them as usual!! :lol: