Discussion in 'ACF' started by JackB24, Jun 24, 2009.

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  1. I'm off to Wathgill for annual camp early next month, and I was hoping someone could tell me what its like? Living quarters, naafi, other information?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Is that Wathgill in Catterick? If so it has showers sized for ghurkas and a scoff house that you at first think is mega but within 24 hrs returns to the bog standard army shite.
  3. Went there whilst assisting with cadets a while back. Kiddies ten to a room, with bed and locker; shared ablutions; AIs similar but slightly smaller rooms. Food is OK but repetitive. NAAFI is bloody expensive. Unit stores building located by the parade square opposite the medical centre, a minute's walk from the main accn blocks and NAAFI. Armoury by the guardhouse near the main gate. Cookhouse and NAAFI by the rear gate close to the main accn blocks; the funny-shaped building with a concrete staircase. Up the hill behind the camp are the ranges, DCCT and an adventure playground pretending to be a real obstacle course.

    Fair few bity flies around at dusk thanks to the nature conservation area (large patch of nettles and litter with a few trees) in the middle of the camp. Bring DEET.
  4. just a quick one surely describing the layout of a military camp. is that not a security risk to those that work there , and way to much information for those that wish to cause harm. yes they may have security there but bit of common sense is needed here
  5. 1. All the buildings have nice big signs on them saying what they are.

    2. The place is regularly visited by cadets and is not harbouring any national secrets.

    3. Buildings which are sensitive such as the armoury are kept locked, and the gates are guarded at all times.

    I think you're taking the OPSEC a bit far, but if the mods disagree then I'll take it down.
  6. Sounds great compared to last years then (Warcop), thanks!
  7. may be i am, just thinking of what happened in northern ireland this year, they knew the routine of personnel and layout of base, and they succedded in there attack, just a pause for thought maybe,
  8. Wathgill is a training camp, not a permanent bks, and the threat on the mainland is considered sufficiently low these days that we're all swanning around in uniform in public. Besides, the MOD doesn't consider it important enough to get Google to take it off Google Maps; in fact even Faslane is still there, complete with a 137m submarine moored by a pier.

    I can't see how knowing where the NAAFI is in an obscure training camp would be a major aid to terrorists. A few years back I might have agreed, but these days the threat is mostly very low.
  9. Funnily enough i was there recently. The NAAFI is good, the camp is generally in good order, but take padlocks for the toms rooms lockers. I hope the weather is good to you as when i was there, it p1ssed it down for literally two weeks. And it was cold. That aside, you should have a good crack there.
  10. Why when all you have too do is go on google earth and hey presto