Wathgill Training Area Map


My section is going to Wathgill this sat for summer camp and I'm currently tryining to plan the night ex. However, we couldn't get a map of the training area and I was wondering can anyone help. Even just the co-ordinate will be helpful as I have access to digimap.

Thanks, but I saw all these already. I want to know is there a standard area given to Army Annual Camp cadets for their night exercise?
'kin 'ell.

Some lazy/brainless ******* round here. How hard is it to type in "google.co.uk" then "map of wathgill"
I'm not looking for a map of general wathgill camp, I'm looking for a specific map/co-ordinate of the training area which I can't find using google map! Read my post before criticising.
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