Waterproofing issue boots

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by carpenoctem, Jul 10, 2010.

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  1. I just got issued a new pair of issue boots, any advice on how to waterproof them would be great.

    Also, what are the best (good yet cheap) insoles to buy?

  2. You can waterproof them by pissing in them and let them dry on the radiator… cheap insoles? Back of a wheaties box makes a fine insole.
  3. Water proofing them the best way is keeping them clean and polished. And as for insoles just take some out of some old trainers
  4. You're better off waterproofing your socks, thin pair of socks then a crisp packet, then your issue socks.
  5. I had tried to answer this sensibly on the other thread but, actually, why have you posted this here, the Intelligence Cell, and in Current Affairs?

    It's neither ... MODs - a merge and a move? QMs or, at a wild guess, ACF?
  6. dip your feet in wax
  7. Prior to getting in the river that you will inevitably have to assault up, stop short, and get your issued waders out. That'll keep both your feet and your boots dry and cosy. In the re-org, quickly swap your footwear and jobs jobbed. Any Q's?
  8. Everybody knows that black bin bags,tied at the knees are the correct solution to the problem.
  9. I thought the correct action on reach water was to use the issued Inflatable kayak, Essential kit for every daysack.

  10. Fill one of the chefs in down town and nick the cookhouse keys. When you return to camp at closing time, break into the cookhouse, find the deep fat fryer ( the big griddle thing they do chips in ), dunk your boots in and leave them till breakfast. When the duty slop jockey isn't looking, retrieve your newly waterproofed booits.

    It really is that simple. Chefs never put up much of a fight.
  11. That would come under the "cruelty to boots" heading. Even issued boots have feelings, you know.