Waterproofing issue boots

I just got issued a new pair of issue boots, any advice on how to waterproof them would be great.

Also, what are the best (good yet cheap) insoles to buy?

You'll find they're reasonably water-proof already - regular polish will keep them up to scratch. You may want to use something a little more aggressive first - Nikwax is good and there are liquid versions as well. You might also consider the "sealskinz" socks - I heard a rumour that these were now being issued.

Insoles - your problem is the price thing. Superfeet Green are the bees knees - if you have a bit more dosh, Superfeet Custom Green are even better (I have Green in my black boots, Custom Green in my desert ones.) If you can't afford those, the Sorbothane ones are fairly good.
If you go to an Army surplus store, they'll sell you some British Army issue insoles; they're excellent. Or you could always leave the issue ones in there. DE&S don't spend billions on R&D for a laugh you know.


dubbin innit.

go for best insoles you can - i found a thick cushioned (gel style) heel gives me best fit, i.e. no heel sliding up & down back of boot. imo.
Just look after them with normal polish or similar products, no matter what you do the big hole at the top where your foot goes will always leak!

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