Waterproofing - Im want to be a walt when I grow up!!!


I'e been told that the gortex suit issued in ment to be worn under combat jacket etc.....? i.e. why they don't have pockets...

Is this true?

Obviously if doing a CTR you bin them but if your c95 jacket gets soaked is that not bad drills?
Yes you wear gortex under your combat jacket along with wearing your red underpants over the top of your trousers.
On a serious note, Is that a wah?
Only time I remember being instructed to wear waterproofs *under* combats was before goretex was released, when a section of men wearing the issued waterproofs as an outer later sounded like an orgy in a crisp packet factory. The DPM plastic was horrible stuff, although the biff in the next bedspace to me discovered that you could get a lovely sharp crease down the arm if you pressed them . . . .



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I can remember going to a presentation by the kit development people some time in the early 90s and goretex was one of the topics. They told us then that it would be made without pockets and that it would be appropriate to wear the jacket under or over the smock according to taste. The idea of wearing it under is that you retain access to all your normal pocket stuff without having to switch it from jacket to jacket. The downside is that you have to take your ordinary jacket off in the rain in order to put your goretex on. Heigh-ho.

Apart from that dreadful thing they brought out in the 80s, I have always found the basic issue smock quite adequate even in rather wet weather if there has been the prospect of returning to quarters at the end of the day. Rather different if you are outside for a couple of weeks of course, but I can only think of one day in the UK of such heavy rain that I was glad of my waterproofs. I only went on exercise for a few weeks each year, but I did it for many, many years.
We used to do that in the late eighties early nineties before gortex if its raining that hard though would you here the rustle?
Didn't make us do it on jnco carde or on telic so i guess the idea has been quietly knocked on the head .Some people did get desert cam waterproofs though when they did have to wear them the countryside was nice and green .
"Waterproofs? your lily-white skins waterproof, and your uniform will dry!"

Has the whole world gone soft? :wink:


Back when I was at Sandhurst we got issued the 'crisp packets' which we weren't usually allowed to wear, and we were 'encouraged' to buy gore-tex from HM Supplies in Camberley, which we could wear on exercise but only under our issue combats (of course, in those days, the gore-tex was actually made from pig's bladders and the combats were sackcloth and chain mail). It was actually quite comfortable and kept you dry, without creating any noise issues. As a fat, elderly, wheezy staff officer, I now only wear waterproofs for the walk from the ops complex to the accomodation so I generally just chuck them on top of my combats.
Yes the issue pocket-less MVP (moisture vapour permeable) jacket (liner, jacket, MVP is the actual stock name) is designed to be worn underneath the issue ripstop CS95 jacket. There is actually a 'Kit' style poster which shows the correct way to wear the entire CS95 clothing range, as designed.

The theory is that by wearing the MVP underneath your jacket (smock) you won't get rustling when moving about and also as the ripstop jacket is of a more hard wearing material (lol) it will take the abuse that your more expensive MVP liner would have and thus work out cheaper to maintain over all.
just fablon all your kit like me, then u cna turn up for parade in shiny kit and stay waterproof all at the same time. just dont stand next to any large heat sources, then the fire damaged lego effect takes place

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