Waterproofing a Combat Jacket

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Rikki_Tikki_Tavi, Nov 12, 2012.

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  1. Has anyone experience of using a spray or wash to waterproof DPM Combat jackets? If so - any recomendations?

  2. Why not speak to those nice pikey chaps who are currently asphalting your neighbours drive with a mixture of used engine oil and old tarmac tailings, I'm sure they can help!
  3. NIXWAX will have the right product for you; just follow the directions and all will be well... LINKY
  4. don't use NIKWAX Soft shell proof on a combat jacket, its useless.
  5. Barbour thornproof dressing Buy Barbour Thornproof Wax online at JohnLewis.com - John Lewis

    Heat it up in a pot of hot water until it goes liquid then paint it on with a paintbrush (thinly), do the seams twice.

    Put the jacket in pillow case (that is an important little detail that you should NOT forget) and then put in the tumble dryer on its hottest setting for half an hour
    Repeat from step one until you have the waterproofness you require.

    This is for civies only btw so DO NOT wear this jacket to any parade or where anyone may make your life uncomfortable after any form of inspection.
  6. I did this back in July with an old Barbour Moorlands jacket (except for the tumble dryer bit), rubbing the stuff in with a sponge and keeping the wax nice and hot - even hung the damn thing up in the sun all day-and it still feels cold and slightly tacky? Is this normal?
  7. Probably to thick a layer. You could try the tumble dryer again but I think that only wear and time will sort it out.
  8. Thank-you gentlemen, most helpful.
  9. Silicone spray (several applications) or tent proofing.

    The Barbour stuff used to make the old DPM jackets look like they were camo'ed for a compost heap.
  10. This surely is for civvies only as won't waterproofing or waxing a combat jacket make it a) rather flammable and b) affect it's IRR properties?

    The tumble dryer method sounds good. I rewaxed my barbour just as described but finished it with a hairdryer on hot. If I ever do it again, I'll try that.
  11. Several coats of Fabsil should make it showerproof. It'd be easier to buy a Barbour. If you're planning on getting soaked then it's Goretex what you need, not a proofed smock.
  12. Well, IIRC it suggests that you do so on the care label so you should be OK.

    NIKWAX cotton-proof works OK for me.
  13. Its DPM so wont be on parade again...unless I'm trying to wind up an RSM. Id just like a light weight jacket that has a bit of waterproofness about it - seems a waste not to use the several new sets of stalking kit Her Majesty recently saw fit to grant me. And OIC Home Comd would not be pleased with the purchase of another jacket to add to the pile.
  14. I used some Auto Glym Fabric Hood Protector on an old Parka and it worked fine.
  15. Presuming that you're going to wash it occasionally...

    ...just double the dose of fabric conditioner. I know it stops tea towels working.
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