Waterproofing a canvas hood.

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by jagman, Feb 5, 2010.

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  1. After a bout of Ebay childishness I've bought myself a 1983 Land Rover Series III 3/4 ton FFR.
    Generally in reasonable nick but the hood leaks like a sieve, nor rips or tears but its a tad damp in there when it rains.

    Any advice on the best option to re-waterproof it? Its the original canvas type rather than the more modern offerings.
  2. A caravan awning waterproofing agent would be best, Nikwax do one i believe. Most caravan/camping shops will do them.
  3. Remember to check which distributor you have. The Series III used a Ducellier for about 2 years. It has a carbon rod that may shatter when you most need it :(
  4. Cheers fellas, never thought of caravan awning stuff. Didn't want to spend a grand on individual tins designed for sorting your raincoat out!
    Had a Series II's and III's before but never a canvas topped one and fancied it for summer (assuming we get a summer!)
  5. It's had the screened 24 volt one replaced, not sure what variety the new on is. I don't recognise it. I've a spare in the garage if neds be but these things do tend to fail many miles from the nearest road :D

    Not to worried about it mechanicaly tbh, its got a documented 72000km on it and a service history post release. No rust anywhere either!
  6. It's a miracle! Any mice living in the chassis?
  7. Nope no mice either :)
    The paint is terrible and it has the odd ding here and there but its pretty good really, for an old boneshaker
  8. I use this to waterproof Gazebos, Fishing Bivi's :

    Thompsons Waterseal

    I apply it with one of those cheapo pump spray guns, give it a couple of coats, it stinks a bit when its first done but lasts as a waterproofing agent for around 2 years (thats based on a gazebo thats been up for 2 yeras as a smoking shelter in our garden!)