Waterproof spray for jackets

Hi all, got a bit of a bone question so sorry. I've got a windproof smock and had it on training the other month in Catterick where it got utterly soaked and took ages to dry. Was wondering if anybody had any experiance with these sprays/liquids you put on materials to make them more water resistant. Are they worth it and do they make it harder for the jacket to dry?


Linky - Fabsil Gold Aerosol
Nikwax Techwash first then Cottonproof.

Works a treat.

Tried Grangers on anothe smock and didn't think it was as good.

Afterwards you have to keep washing it with the Techwash stuff which is a pain but you can also use it to top up thr proofing on your gore tex stuff.

Google them for all the bumpf.
The was a good article in trial mag not so long back apprently on of the supermarket brands made it into 2nd place I'll see if \i can find it and post the results later
What about that silicone tent-proof spray stuff?

Wouldn't that do the trick quite well?

Would using one of these sprays or treatments make a garment more flammable or harder to put out than an untreated jacket?

Obviously, for combat kit, or even for careless smokers, this could be an issue.

Just wondering.
Doubt it, the flammable bit in the spray cans is the propellant, and that's going to dissipate quite quickly.
I smoke and have yet to set myself alight with the wash-in stuff. An errant mini flare or two (think watch my tracer) put the sh1t up me but did not singe the smock. Good shooting by the way. One of the selling points of nikwax is that it is waterbased and thus safer. Or something.

Silicon spray would be absorbed in to the fabric and doubt it would make much of a difference to flammability. Don’t know.


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Is Techwash an improvement on or the new name for TX10 ?

Used to pour the contents of a bottle into a bucket, soak the jackets in it then allow to drip dry, damn good kit & could treat as much clothing as would soak up the bucketful of solution.
TX10 still available for re-proofing clothing, the Tech-wash is to doby your kit without stripping it's waterproof performance. Mandatory to maintain Paramo clothing and recommended for other outdoor kit.

Goretex kit can be 're-proofed' by tumble-drying or gentle ironing, but if the waterproofing has completely gone it should be re-treated using these products (although it uses a membrane, the surface fabric must be waterproofed to avoid it becoming completely water-logged or 'wetting out' as they say in the trade).

Details here:

Applying expensive proofing stuff after using expensive techwash etc (do not use normal detergent!!!) will make a windproof a little water resistant - but can really only handle slightly damp conditions. That amount of rain wouldn't/shouldn't be enough to make you uncomfortable in the first place.

Pi$$ing rain will still make you pi$$ wet through. So - nice and simple this (and I don't mean to be sarcastic) - when it rains, put your goretex on (over your other kit).

Those products do bring back your waterproofs back a treat though - if there's room in the wash pop your smock in with your gary's, but don't bother forking out all that dosh on nikwax just for your smock on its own.

Normal fabric conditioner does go some way to proofing stuff - if you're on a budget and want to smell lovely too!


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Not sure about that CP, our smocks were great after treament with TX10 and while mine was retreated over a year later when someone else had a load of proofing to do it wasn't really necessary.
Besides, then the only breathable waterproofs we had were all private purchase.
You could always go for the totally retro effect, and proof your smock with the Barbour wax stuff.

It'll look like it's soaked through all the time though!
I'm happy to stand corrected...but I've never seen anything other than a proper waterproof stand up to a decent amount of rain.

Would this TX10 stuff do the job with windproof trousers as well?

I spend a lot of time up in the hills and have seen no end of bods falling foul of what the salesmen in Blacks etc come out with about water repellant clothing and treatments. On the civvie side of things, you cannot beat Paramo kit. Goretex pales in comparison. Our military goretex is fairly good as long as you look after it properly - ie with all these extra products.

I cannot imagine what things must have been like with the old crisp-packet style waterproofs!

If it has your endorsement Cutaway, I might well give this TX10 stuff a go on my smock - I'm still young enough to get d*cked for recces etc.


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The liquid mixed in a bucket did us well, & a pal used the spray on stuff to very good effect.
He did smell a bit funny for a day or so as he'd used a complete tin on one smock...

Give it a try - if it doesn't work I can always claim opr fault or they've changed the formula! :D

Mr Happy

I was in NBC Black when we got dumped on by more rain than I can describe, the ptl leader actually used the radio to check back that we were all OK at the back of the Ptl. Anyway, the NBC suit was soaked through, which made it quite heavy.

One simple comment re waterproofing, consider the IR properties... I don't know but I imagine there may be a degrading effect..

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