Waterproof Infantry TAAMS insert

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Sarastro, Jun 27, 2008.

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  1. Sarastro

    Sarastro LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Been issued the (new?) unwaterproofed Infantry handbook insert for the TAAMS, which is obviously bloody useless when contacted by rivers, lakes etc. Too much of it to individually waterproof each page, but I know Brecon courses have issued waterproofed versions in the past, so they exist somewhere.

    Anyone know where I can get my hands on a waterproofed version without going on Seniors (not an option)?
  2. Photocopy it onto Rite in the Rain?
  3. Hours of fun fabloning it!!
  4. ever heard of plassie bags?......ffs...whats the matter with these blokes!
  5. "Contact, Wait-out..."

    Right I'll just take my tams out of my smock, now I'll unzip the plastic bag keeping my tams waterproof, then I will put the plastic back into my smock (cant litter these days!), now I'll open my tams and do my estimate.

    ...oh dear!
  6. Nowt wrong with plastic bags.

    I doubt you´d be requiring your TAMs that quick.

    If the sh1t is that thick just cuff it.
  7. A few years ago I needed to photocopy some TAM inserts (because we did not have enough). I did it on waterproof paper and it worked fine.

    Note: I carried a small filofax with blank paper and the 20 of so TAM pages that I used most in my pocket as a notebook/quick reference and carried the main TAM in my Bergan or Daysack.
  8. I downloaded it all on to my PDA. Now i can give powerpoint and 3d imaghe breifings.
  9. ha...been there

    "Section, over there...pink rhododendron bush...Fire!"
  10. Infantry TAMS Insert is AC 71757. Plain is AC 71757A.