Waterproof Gloves

I'm looking for a decent pair of waterproof gloves for the daft race I'm doing that are lightweight and waterproof. I've been pointed to Sealskinz...anyone used them or know of other brands?


I have Sealskinz and don't find them very good, they keep your hands dry but I find them very poor at keeping your hands warm, also might be a bit bulky for running in.
What sort of race is it? Are you sure you really need waterproof gloves - or do you just need to keep your hands warm? The reason I ask is that once full of water, all waterproof gloves do is hold it in!

Based on very little knowlege of what you intend to do, I would suggest looking into neoprene gloves (as sold to fishermen) as a possible contender.
Likewise, I never had much joy with waterproof gloves.

Mitts that kept my hands warm and dryish did better (Buffalo, Wild Country et al)
It's the Lakeland 50 miler so with it being up there it's bound to rain and I need to be navigating. Did an 18 miler in Brecon the other week and my hands were soaking and cold and thought I could have a problem over 50 miles if the weather turns bad. The gloves I run in normally in the winter will be useless if it pisses down all day!!
I have another idea along the lines of neoprene gloves. Have a look at sailing gear retailers. They often have gloves witha neoprene back and leather palm. Not waterproof but warm when wet without sacrificing all ability to use your hands.
I used to own a pair of half-finger neoprene gloves that were good for keeping the water off, and the hands warm. Can't remember what manufacturer made them, but they did the job.

Similar to the ones below, but the gloves covered the fingers, and thumb up to the 1st knuckle

Remember that it's the radial nerve (in your wrist) that regulates hand temperature - unless you keep that warm, there's not much point in gloves!
Waterproof gloves can be bloody dangerous. I know it sounds silly but think about it. They hold moisture against the skin and massively increase the chance of non-freezing cold injuries.
Barbour Neoprene gloves are the business.

I still use them when its lashing down on Ex. Your hands do get wet, but they stay warm as long as you leave the gloves on. The even have finger and thumb flaps for fiddely work.

When they are wet they are bloody horrid to put back on though, Think wet-dry routine in the jungle.
Agree with the above and use them myself - bear in mind they are not waterproof and therfore my concerns still hold for genuinely waterproof gloves.

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