Waterproof bivi bags

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by wildcard.rgbw, Jun 11, 2009.

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  1. Waterproof bivi bag, olive green, £15 including P&P

    Also some 35 litre BritisH army DPM Cordura patrol packs, excellent bits of kit, £20

    Will do a deal £30 + P&P for set

    E-mail wildcard.rgbw@hotmail.com for sme pics or PM me
  2. Can you post a picture of the patrol pack/ And is it the one you can attach side pouches from your bergen to?
  3. I have loads of pics if you send an email address, its basically dutch military issue they use the same DPM as us and its good quality, 100% cordura, it has 2 side pockets which are button up, a padded backing like what we have in our bergens frame, elastic straps under the lid ideal for warm kit and a velcro sealed pocket on top of items, also has slots of modular items if you see the pic if you have an email.

    Inside the pack they're are 3 seperate compartments so you can use each one for different uses, will give one a whizz on exercise!
  4. Heres a basic pic, can provide more

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  5. So not British then.
  6. Don't mean to pish on your chips mate, but if it's the dutch version then you will be luck to get a yoghurt and a packet of biccies in it. I need a day sack that can hold warm kit, wet weather kit, helmet, ressi pouch, grub, brew kit and any other little comfys you might need on a day at the ranges.
  7. Sorry I should have reworded, they are dutch patrol packs in British Army DPM... and actually my mate thought they were quite good as patrol packs! Could fit loads of kit in them, I wouldn't try an flog them off if I thought they were useless and seeing as how other 35 Ltr packs are flogged at 50 odd quid I'd say not a bad buy
  8. not suggesting they are inferior matey, just that I have owned one and it didn't live up to my needs, may suit others though. I'd suggest posting something in the cadet forum, you may find it is closer to their needs.

    Good luck.