I was one of the organisers of another Waterloo game at the National Army Museum in 2002. That was 12,000+ 15mm figures and 30+ players and that was big enough... Sky News turned up to cover it dressed in helmets and flak-jackets... :)
My Dad took me to London to see the Waterloo wargame staged in 1970 when the film was released - I think until today it was the biggest Waterloo wargame ever.
Bah! They were just big 15mm when I sold 'em… ;) Tony B just made them big because his eyesight was suffering... The kewl kidz in Oz now call them 18mm, but they're still the same 15mm figures... ;)
Only calling them what they're advertised as these days. Nic Robson from Eureka has been casting AB in Oz since the last '90s, and now has his own complementary ranges.


'Only Eureka's 18mm Napoleonic range is fully compatible in height with 15mm AB Figures. Cavalry in all the other 18mm historic ranges is mounted on true 18mm horses, which are much larger than the 15mm horses of AB cavalry.'

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