Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Radical_Dreamer, Jan 24, 2006.

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  2. Mariah Carey quote, when told that the King of Jordan was dead.

    "That will be a great loss to the sport of basketball"

  3. Rad, was that London, England?

    Yank 2 star dragged me out of a MN Div HQ last year for a "cawfee", "ta git ta know y'all" etc.
    "So where are you from, Sir?" asks Staaken.
    "Texas, son" says the Great One.
    "Is that Texas USA, sir?" retorts I - His Brit bag carrier behind him frantically making "cut cut" signs across his throat.
    cue the "Ah lurve your British humor" remark, followed by him legging it to speak to someone more receptive to his man of the people act......
  4. Result.

    Briefing for a 3 star US in Denmark. On the rehearsal (rehearse, rehearse, rehearse) My joke about why the penis was shaped thus. ! Brits - To enhance pleasure for the female French - To enchance pleasure for the male. 3. Yanks - To stop their hand coming off the end. Vetoed by our 1 star who had met him because he was THE most serious SOB ever. Good call in the end - Sense of humour bypass.
  5. I once met a spam who swore blind that WW2 started in 1941 - I'd heard of people like him before (and WW1 started in 1917 etc.) but I'd never believed they actually existed...
  6. I don't think you can win this one if you're a Yank.

    I went through a month of introductions for my course this April. In order to avoid sounding presumptuous, I introduced myself as being originally from "Los Angeles, USA" even though it's reasonable to assume that most people in higher education know where it is...like, say, Amsterdam. But I got a weird giggling reaction from almost every group until one of my new unit colleagues said, "We know where Los Angeles is, you don't have to add the United States. We know international geography, blah blah blah..."

    Fine. Hate to insult people's intelligence. But then in one group introduction session, I introduced myself as being from "Los Angeles," and the instruction turned around and, very smarmily replied, "Los Angeles, USA?" Grins all around, again. :roll:
  7. What about the European journalist who said that she'd been to Los Angeles but never California?
  8. Try saying the place name with one of those Gone With The Wind accents. I find hearing 'Honey' and 'y'all' very sexy/pleasant and - after all - they are not often heard in Birmingham uk.
  9. yeah, but that was funny.