Watering Holes in Blandford Camp

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Ghost_Rider, Jan 23, 2005.

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  1. Humph's

  2. Bowling Alley

  3. Mess

  4. None of the above - try Tiffs!!

  1. What is the current state of play regarding the bars on camp, and who can drink in them? Last time I was there, you could drink anywhere except in the phase 2 bar (Semaphore Arms?). Has this changed?

    Which is the best? A,B,C or D - all vote now!!
  2. When I was there last year on my BSMs course, I tried a few of the drinking holes. The mess is best by far. Free pool and £1 for a Black Bush 'n' coke. Mess is for winners :D
  3. Oh the Mess for sure, Kronenbourg for 95p a pint!

    The King George Bar (Humphs) is for Perm Staff and Phase 3 Students.

    The Bowling Alley is open to all but Phase 2 must be bowling to use the bar.

    Semiphore is Phase 2 only (apart from Burger bar which is open to all)

    Blandford town is pretty decent although a bit pricey.
  4. I seem to remember the G-Spot being a metropolitan, nightspot for the up-and-coming jetsetter. Am I wrong?

  5. BLANDford town is far from good. It has the worst "nite club" I have ever been to, (one in corner of town where u go through (shitty) pub to get to.

    I am going back at the end of March on my App Spec course, and have to endure another 7 weeks in the sh1t hole. Just have to get drunk in the mess again every night then :D
  6. That's Tiff's isn't it? :p

  7. Tiffs is throught the back of Crown and Anchor IIRC. Apparently the Grot Spot is now known as Volts (or something similar), but to all and sundry, it is still the Grot Spot in everything but name :lol:

    Looks like its the mess then!!!
  8. The Mess is undoubtedly the best. Granted it has pretty much zero atmosphere when its quiet, but a quid for a 1664 does it for me. Its just a shame that the accommodation is such poor quality.

    Humphs gets right on my onions. Those running it havent spent a penny on it since they opened, same for the restaurant. The place is a tip, the toilets are permenantly closed because the're flooding and its the most expensive pint on camp. Duty rumour has it that its being closed down and re-furbished into an "English" style restaurant and pub, under new management who are interested in providing a service to the lads, not lining the're own pockets. Cant happen soon enough.

  9. Well, the results speak for themselves :lol: Who's up for a few beers in the mess in Feb then?
  10. Hey, whatever flicks your switch. I'll be in the G-Spot. :oops:

    Do they still do that 12 quid for free <strike>water</strike> pints all night? got p!ssed many a time on that
  11. [/quote]
    Do they still do that 12 quid for free <strike>water</strike> pints all night? got p!ssed many a time on that[/quote]

    Nope they ended that, that was the only reason to go, apart from the charming local ladies.
    Even the kebab van has gone now andreplaced with a burger van
  12. Tiffs still do bottomless glass on a wednesday i think. 12 Quid in and all the urinal discharge you can drink.

  13. Every garrison I've been to has a 'Stickies' attached to it ...... its tradition! 8) Blandfords got Volts(aka Grot Spot) Catterick had the Scorpion (oh happy days :) ........ anyone remember the ugly cleaner who used to get her baps out - without fail - everytime she went in..... 8O ) Totally agree about Humphs tho' right old piss take and no mess tins...... same decor since 11 Sigs moved in..... restaurant not changed at all either (used to be the function area for the NAAFI if I remember right.... :oops: ) Scoffs ok - its just the management.........
  14. So true, but can you remember, Humphs was the spare bit of space for the NAAFI bar, now a restaurant!! The bar area was for the Siggies, The creche thing next to the NAAFI shop was the Corporarls club. The Dolphin was called the White Hart. The Chuffs was full of bikers (it is true) and squadies were NOT WELCOME, C&As always led into tiffs, and the grot spot was owned by the guy who owned the chuffs, untile the nite club went belly up and he started to let squaddies into the Chuffs. Even then the Kings only had a front room. The cobbled bit at the back was a stable! Still at least the walk up black lane still is the same length. Memories!!
  15. True but its only from 9 till 11. not even worth it its cheaper to stay in the choughs and go over later. They chuck you at at 12 anyway.