Watering Holes in Arnhem

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by dhgrainger1, Feb 6, 2009.

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  1. Going out for the 65th this year to Arnhem to pay our respects, and could do with ideas of any good pubs etc. for a bunch of grubby student Off Cdts? Cheers!
  2. Please dont go and show your "respecks" as the bold above, show some decent respect, its not a lager lout party........
  3. You can manage to do both.

    Oosterbeek is home of the Hartenstein hotel, many memorials and the cemetery.

    Usually for the remembrance weekend they close a couple of the streets adjacent to the Hartenstein and its a sea of maroon berets.

    Arnhem itself is a little more commercial, however you are still made to feel welcome even if you steal re enactors automatic weapons and dance in the club with them whilst your big gay mate goes to bed early because the girl can't drink.

    Have a good and drunken time, just remember why you are there.

    And if you haven't booked accommodation yet, better get on with it, there will be very little left and taxi fares are expensive
  4. Keeping my watering hole secret then. Don't want no soap dodging students in there!! I'll let you know where it is though MDN!
  5. The Square in Arnhem, you can watch the fun :D Good Kebab shop there.
    The Schoonord, or the pub just off the main road to Arnhem, though i hear Bakers Bar in Oosterbeek has shut due to the owner dying. Sad that used to drink with some Border Veterans there, so dont know where they will go now for a drink.

    The bar at Arnhem station is fun, if you fancy getting punched after Arnhem vitesse have lost.

    Or Camp down by the Rhine Brickworks, theres a bar/resturant there, nice stagger back from oosterbeek.
  6. Don't worry fella, we're all actually respectable, but if I'd said students without mentioning our stereoptypical grubbiness, it would have been said anyway.

    We've got a hostel booked somewhere nearby, so no problems with that. Cheers for the pub tips, may well see a few arrsers there!
  7. As a previous poster stated, in the evening the town square with Bloopers at the base of it is good. There are plenty of other bars on the left and right hand sides of the square too though no red light district to visit any more. During the day, the main drag down from the Hartenstein Hotel is good too.

    Get down to the DZ in the morning and have a beer at the Schoonard (sic?) and watch the jumps going in.
  8. The owner of Bloopers (Tim) lets me kip in his house if I can't find nowhere else. Top bloke.