Watering can willie from The Forest Of Dean(Gloucestershire)


Well there I was with RedcoatGreenjacket and 94 limping our painkiller fed way around the reunion weekend when on the saturday the RRT decide to stick 3 old boys in our hut at Nesscliffe despite the dire warnings of snoring, drug fuelled nightmares and sleepwalking. I was woken fror god knows how many times by 94 offering me different painkillers as my screaming was keeping him awake and lastly by the strange sound of RCGJ moaning at 94 about some Gloster peeing on him. I think RCGJ needs to take up the story. If we could only get 94 to post!
People, i must hasten to add that MR Watering can pants, merely tripped over my bed end, startled me and 94 whilst 94 got out his trusty mag light.
I thought 94 was going to Mallet him but alas, the evidence was for all to see as the dear old chap had merely tried to go outside to take a leak.
Why he refused to remove his underpants i do not know, he did not only do it once but twice, then climbed back into bed. No amount of Old Spice could hide the fact, but in his defence he did try to clear up the evidence with a broom, not very effective in total darkness however, 10 out of 10 for effort. At this point i beleive the expression of "Please go away", was used even though he could not hear due to Ugly's screams.

Tupperware pants coming soon to the Arrse shoppe.
Sorry chaps, but the word of command may even have been "Excuse me, but would you mind awfully...............F8cking orf!"
It was nighttime i was drunk and half asleep cuddling up next to a Kebab.
Ugly, moments to remember about the re-union.
You blowing a Seal, answering the telephone at the dinner table with the comment "I'M ON THE TRAIN". Capt Mannering and his wife with more teeth than a Shark. Asking another diner why the "General " does not even resemble Russel Crowe. Asking the band if they could play those magnificent men in their flying machines, well i was going to try.
Telling your old RSM that i was there to make sure that the band was correct...........oh dear.


boris7 said:
Forest Of Dean.....was the home of the 11th Hussars PAO.....
The old buggers had been called up during the 50's into the KSLI to do their national service.
I was very stoned from various painkillers, whiskey (which some kind sole bought me) and lots of lager. I wish I hadnt drank anything as it was a long way to the Khazi unless of course you're from the FoD!
That old RSM, Chicken George was the man in Grey. I let or rather contrived for a smoke grenade to go off in his newly painted office just before hand over!
That "Blowing a seal hurt" and his wife looked like Shergar!


I'm looking forward to a pain free reunion next year as despite the obvious fun, it wasnt much fun this year, struggling to stand for Brendas Tune in the Church!

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