Watergirl in Progress

It is a little while ago that I wrote a post on here, yet I think it is about time to tell you of something. :)

I am DJ Nelly of HOOAH!!!! RADIO and I personally want to thank you that ARRSE became an allie of our Radio Station.

Anyway, the reason I am writing to you is because I started a project to show respect and gratitude our British Soldiers that are stationed over here in my town.

Since last Friday I buy Tablewater or other Juice to bring it twice a day to the British that are guarding the gates over at York Barracks to honor their Service.

Many of the Soldiers of York Barracks has been to Iraq and as far as I know the Scotsguard will redeploy in fall (thats what a soldier told me)

So I thought of a new little mission, "Watergirl in Progress - Cool a British Hero down"

The thought behind this is to donate a bottle of Tablewater or any other Soda by donating €2.
The Donator can write a little textmessage including name and his hometown, also contactinformation such like emailadresse. we write it down on a greetingcard and hand it over to the Guardsmen on duty.

It was so awesome to see their surprised and smiling faces. Some couldn't believe that someone is bringing them Water or Juice.

If you want to help, please visit the website and blog(click here)

What do you think of the idea anyway? I really would like to get some feedback, not as a clap on the shoulder, just to know what your feelings are on that :)
I am so sorry, if you are using Internet Explorer.. there was a bug on the Blog but it should be all fixed now. I didn't know of the bug because I am using Firefox.

Someone wrote to me that there was a bug, thank you for informing me. :)
I like it. I've bookmarked the blog. I'll be donating soon :)
thank you Joseph, make sure that you leave a message I can put into the card and on the blog :)

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