Watered down XBOX 360s

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by SparkySteve, Oct 24, 2007.

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  1. http://uk.gear.ign.com/articles/829/829612p1.html

    Apparently, a newer bog standard version of the XBOX 360 is coming in at a relative price to the Wii.

    It comes without a hard disk, does that mean the games it can actually run are limited?

    If it plays all existing/upcoming games without an issue i think it could be worth it!
  2. It means you'll have to fork out for a memory card to save games really but even then I can see it doing well, still...I think it'd be better going for one with a hard drive as the "Live Marketplace" has a lot of decent stuff for download.
  3. Can you put those games onto an SD Card??

    In fact, would it support a USB Hard Drive?
  4. Mmm, will it make it to the EU, and what will the price tag be then?

    The Wii is $250 in the USA, look at any website here and you'll be pressed to find one for £250, and even then it won't be in stock.

    I'm over in the USA early next year, maybe i should grab a boatload and sell them on, us saps seem to want to pay anything for them.

  5. you could get a 360 without a hard drive from day 1 - what's all the fuss about?
  6. It's listed as being $279 ish for the US price.
  7. Hmmm, I know that using a PC and Windows Media Center you can transfer video/audio/photos to and from your XBOX360 but I'm not sure about storing demos...Maybe if you had an external hard drive hooked into the USB port the XBOX would recognize it and you could store stuff on that...
  8. Well, my point is regardless of the console, we'll get shafted for price if/when it gets over here.

  9. Fair one, im just wondering where you'd be paying £250 for a Wii?
  10. Go to argos, they have shiit loads of wii's in now. The recent problem of not being able to get a wii is long over. Game, Woolies etc all have wii's in stock. Pay about £180 for one
  11. I have my sons Xbox 360 networked in our house, a few pointers:

    the xbox can link to and play music and films from a windows xp PC or Media Center PC.

    XBox live only works if you have a internal hard drive

    The ability to play legacy xbox games only works if you have a internal hard drive

    USB hard drives will work.

    Basically the xbox 360 is pretty useless without a internal hard drive.
  12. I picked up a year old mint 360 on e-bay plus 8 decent games (2 still sealed) all for under £250. Had a Wii on loan for a few weeks, the kids played it for about a week then the novelty wore off and they went back to PS2.
  13. When you say USB Hard Drives will work, they are recognized as media storage but will not function in the same way as an internal HDD?
  14. You can play media from an external HDD just the same as you would from the Internal, but you cant save to it.

    So if like me you have and external drive with all your music and videos on it then you can plug it and off you go. But the360 will only play video in a certain format (Windows media 9 i think) and it won't play DVD images.

    Other than that it's pretty dandy at using external HDD
  15. I use a 360 with a 64 meg mem card with absoultely no probs whatsoever. You dont NEED a HDD unless you plan on downloading content ie. demo's OR for when Microsoft releases it's special download services.
    I also play xboxlive without a HDD, you do not need a HDD.

    This arcade system is basicly a cheaper core system but with the Hi-Def cables.