Waterbottle pouch mtp

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by ispy, Jul 26, 2012.

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  1. Hi i would be very graetfull for some kind hearted squadies if they could donate 2 waterbottle pouchs I came out of the army in 2009 ,but now i have just lost my job .You ask why i need 2 waterbottle pouchs well Im A SI in the ACF and we have just got the new MTP cam and same all same all no money no kit .Big thanks if you can help (Carnt claim dole because Wife work 16hrs a week).
    Any one can Help PLEASE.
  2. Do you really want to put your email address up there for the whole world to see?

    Aside from which are you saying that your County ACF have been issued webbing in MTP - If so I am a little surprised.

    And 6 years before making a post. Is that some sort of record?

  3. I've not seen any issued MTP pouches except for those that came with my Osprey, try HM Supplies or somewhere like that.
  4. As an ACF SI myself why aren't you using the cadet training vest anyway?

    Just google around for something in multicam or ATP on the cheap, as MOD said try HM Supplies, you won't be finding ANY PLCE in MTP anyway as its being phased out I was under the impression
  5. Are you really saying that you, as an adult, wear the god-awful CTV?
  6. No, I've got my battered PLCE rig I've been issued with the TA