Waterbottle Belt

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by cheese, May 30, 2010.

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  1. Any ideas where you can get the OG belts with built in 58 waterbottle pouches on the arrse please?
  2. maybe you should have extended your Wah! shield first!
  3. Or do you mean the one that has the ETH - style closing straps on it, all built into a thin nylon belt? If so, only place i've ever seen them was at RMAS. If you're just looking for something to go running with, there are much better Civ alternatives.

  4. Why? Perfectly reasonable question. Not everything is a Wah on Arrse.
  5. In the day, I used a couple of 44 pat waterbottle holders with my 58 pat webbing. Always had the metal waterbottle with the metal mug in one of them. Bit of black carpet tape around the edge of the mug so you didn't burn your lips drinking from it when it was hot and you were good to go. Boil water and cook your grub in it and then chuck a coffee or tea sachet in the water for your brew. Didn't ever use mess tins. economical on water usage for cooking and the brew and just a tiny flick of water around it to wash it out when you were done. Just saying.
  6. Yep them please
  7. Sorry Cheese, never seen them for sale. I got rid of mine as soon as I could, as I found it pretty useless.

  8. Try MOD sales
  9. Ahh sorry, now I know which one you mean, Again, the only place ive ever heard of one is at pirbright, they issue them to the crows there.
  10. Do you work in McDonalds? :x
  11. Google MOD Sales FFS theres hundreds of people flogging them on the net
  12. Don't you have anything better to do? When I want a cvnt like you picking up on my grammer, I'll fvcking ask you.
  13. OK, that's fine, we can do your spelling instead. ;)
  14. Dealing with grammar nazis brings on my dyslexia.