Waterbeach Soldiers Guarding The Queen

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by The_Snail, Apr 23, 2008.

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  1. Those Malaysian Rifles sure were shiney :D
  2. And getting p*ssed on the Kings road
    And feeling absolutely chuffed marching through the crowds through the gates of Buck house
    And getting into Stringfellows free and getting p*ssed
    And getting all kinds of “Ladies” paying you attention, trying all kinds to get you to move
    And getting p*ssed in the warders Bar in the tower
    And having a once in a lifetime opportunity
    And getting p*ssed in the west end
    For your family visiting and proudly pointing you out to everyone

    Yep, really sh*t time :roll:
  3. The crates will be rolling in. Good luck to one and all.
  4. Who were the last lot to do it?

    As far as I can remember it was 9 Squadron back in 1986 during RE 200?

    They've only just finished paying off the fines.
  5. Now, if I'd realised that there would be a barbecue and a Sapper bar at the TA100 Garden Party, I would have applied for tickets. :(
  6. Yep 48 are the first for 21 years
    9 Sqn staged on in1987 (The RE 200)
  7. Is it true 9 Sqn carried the queen mothers coffin which was made of lead so no x-ray photo's could be taken?
  8. Lead-lined coffins are made to preserve the remains as they can be made air-tight.

    X-ray photographs need a substantial radioactive source and a photographic film as large as the subject, so any idea of getting photos of a body in a coffin using a camera with special film are an urban myth. X-rays are used to examine structural components such as concrete bridge beams, but require an exclusion zone measured in tens or hundreds of metres.
  9. There are lads marching today who weren't even born then. How worrying is that? No wonder their mums and dads are proud of them

    The footage on Anglia News tonight showed them actually marching at The Palace, but I can't find that on the website yet. That will be more crates no doubt......
  10. The Irish Guards were the Pall Bearers.

    Possibly, Lead-lined coffins are not unusual, especially for internment in a vault because they are airtight and preserve the body for longer, indeed most cemeteries insist on this type of coffin for internment in a vault.

    Nothing as sinister as x-ray photos

    Winston Churchill’s lead lined coffin weighed a quarter of a Ton and gave one of the carriers a Hernia
  11. We dug her grave.
  12. thats my old Regt.................

    got out just in time ;0)
  13. 22, 16, and 7 Sigs done it last year.

    Seems we are all having a go :roll:
  14. And are'nt I right in thinking you lot had a little souvenir of that little task behind your bar in Monty Lines!!