Water Wars

France 24 has a short but informative video article on Iran's developing water crisis:

"It's an environmental issue that's become a thorny political problem. Iran has been experiencing severe drought for several years. A growing population, increased water consumption and government mismanagement are all to blame. Scientists warn that if nothing is done, Iran could reach a state of extreme water stress by 2040. So will Iran's drought be a catalyst for change? The Down To Earth team takes a closer look."
By Molly HALL, Marina BERTSCH, Valérie DEKIMPE, Sonia BARITELLO, Salomé SAQUÉ
Ha! "Global warming" they said, "green energy" they said, "Europe don't need totalitarian Russian gas" they said...
UK weather: 'beast from the east' hits Britain with snow and freezing temperatures – live

Now in Moscow is rather comfort temperature -25C. I really want to see Londoners with their houses, made from straw and sticks, at -25C, or, much better - at -40C.
Hopefully now, with hindsight, people can understand the the real name for the Beast from the East is ¨Winter¨ and aside from a bit of snow and some chilly weather, it was not that bad at all.

Interesting that you think that houses in London are made of straw and sticks though.
Good trolling there, I expect the response will be Hamas will be ordered to kill more Israelis in response
Yes, that was a bit of quality trolling.

Open, generous, and only incidentally pointing out that the Iranian government are at fault by quoting the Iranian agriculture minister.

The response was a touch hysterical, and full of "whataboutery".
I enjoyed him pouring a glass of water before going onto to say that 96% of Iran is suffering through a drought.

It makes sense though, imagine the refugee problems to come if they really do run out of water.
Well, the Syrian model suggests that the smart and rich leg it.
The poor eventually kick off, and the State collapses.
However, that leaves 50 million potential climate refugees.
They won't go east in Pakistan/afghanistan.That's a bone dry mess.
They won't go west, into Iraq. That's a bigger mess.
They won't go south. It's ocean.
They have to go north. Right into the soft underbelly of the Caucasus and the post Soviet 'stans.
If the Russians thought that sending Europe all the Syrian refugees was amusing, see how they are going to like 50 million migrants pouring into their "sphere of influence".
Probably it was this one, prior to an editing and re-headlining job ?

'Washing is a privilege': life on the frontline of India's water crisis
That works fine. Thanks.
Report from Shimla, the old British summer capital of India
Massive infrastructure failures, overdevelopment and poor regulation.

No doubt it seemed a fantastic place to live, initially, before the population grew in multiples of the original planned limit. Meanwhile the clock is ticking and India's population growing.

India Population (2018) - Worldometers
I hadn't heard of this, but major reforestation work in Pakistan.
'Green gold': Pakistan plants hundreds of millions of trees

Be interesting to see what effect this will have, especially because eucalyptus is an Australian species, and although it can tolerate very hostile conditions, there is some concern about the damage it does to the local ecology.
The eucalyptus controversy
Good balanced article presenting both arguments for and against. Very interesting. Thanks.
Reports that a protest march about water shortages in Khoramshahr, southern Iran, turned violent with at least one death.
The Iranian water riots were quite nasty. The Government is admitting to 11 injured, although other sources say at least one death. Gone quiet now, but after Friday prayers is the traditional rioting day.

Water shortage, pollution spark fresh protests in Iran's Abadan

230 people were poisoned by a failing water system in Khuzestan
Water crisis deepens in Iran

Apparently it is all the Joos fault for stealing the clouds.

Iranian general says Israel is stealing clouds and causing climate change

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