Water Wars

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by HectortheInspector, Oct 21, 2009.

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  1. YarS

    YarS On ROPs

    First of all, Bellona is not reputable source. It should be not used by educated people in decent society.
    And yes, main difference here is in standards of life. Furs coats in Russia are necessarity, pants in Africa are luxurity. Same thing is with the ecological standarts.
    Yes. Moscow with 58% of parks and forests is "degradated environment". London with 26% of parks is "unacceptable to life" (by Russian standarts. If you too poor to travel - use Google Earth and Google Street View to watch Russian cities.
    Usually. As many Russians I'm bit paranoid about biological terracts, so, I have additional filter and usually boil water. But I'm sure, that you drink water much worse than Russian standarts.
    From my point of view, ecology is not main problem of Moscow. Traffic is much more seriouse problems. So, I preffer to decrease square of parks, and increase square of roads. But it is just my personal opinion.
  2. YarS

    YarS On ROPs

    Sure. But environmentalism also is a religion.
    Environmentalism is ideology: anti-humanic by goals, false-scientific by methodology, cultists by organisation, Neo-Paganic by it's soul.
    When you play game - you have same rules for all players.
    Of course we have. Sometimes, especially after kicking euroarses we try to teach you, but you are too stupid to accept it.
    And I will call them as bloody liars, too. Actually, we can discuss here, or in the another thread.
    From 'might is right' to 'right is might'. We have laws, and your judges have only 'traditions' and 'precedents'. We have normal system of laws based on the Constitution, and you - have not.
    Ha! Stupid animal. Of course, we are not 'civilisated' from your point of view, and you are not 'civilisated' from our point of view. Just different types of civilisations.
    Not at all. It is just an evidence of the rich environment in Russia, and poor environment in the UK. UK is already wasteland.
    Sure. First, Russia have much more liberal weapon laws than UK. Second - in Syria, Ukraine and anywhere else we keep our property from those, who want to take it. And you, with your parody on Army can not protect your country and your property.
    May be, your state guarantees your rights, may be not (I dunno). But your State don't guarantees my property rights. Or property rights of every foreign citizen, blamed in support of your political opponents.
    There are two basic points of view on British Monarchy. First (conspirologic) - 'cryptotyranny'. "British monarch is ruling, but it is a secret". Second (official ideology) - "Monarch is just a parasite, and Brits are stupid enough to feed him". As rational thinking man I preffer conspirologic theory. I preffer to believe in some kind of rational (even evil) plan, than in borderless stupidity. But discussion with you force me to believe in official theory of British stupidity.
    It's just a little spots on the map. Russia is big. And yes, even in the cooling pond of Chernobyl there are more fish than in Thames river at London.
  3. YarS

    YarS On ROPs

    There are wild elks in Moscow, sometimes they make problems to traffic.

    And when was killed last elk in the England? One or two thousands years ago?
  4. YarS

    YarS On ROPs

    @HectortheInspector , I was though, from what delirious deeps of the British collective unconsciouse did you get association 'Russia'-'wastelands'?
    By the first thought I'd recall Tolkien, associative line 'Russia-Mordor-wastelands'. But you have not so long memory, and your association was rather fresh.
    By the second thought, I'd recall British film 'The last spaceship' .

    I'm right?