Water Wars

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by HectortheInspector, Oct 21, 2009.

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  1. China apparently playing games by witholding flood data from India.
    They just had a border stand off, so it looks like China leveraging its upstream position again.
    China and India now in water 'dispute'
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  2. FYI, the mad plan to pipe water to North Cyprus is complete and the North Cyprus reservoir is distributing. It's not yet 100% to all communities but that's mostly down to new build areas yet to finalise costs.
  3. I must admit, I never thought this idea would go anywhere, but it shows that with enough money and determination, you can build anything if you are stupid enough.
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  4. We're now down to 87 litres per person, per day.
    Takes a bit of management, but achievable.
  5. It was a British firm that got a lot of that dosh so no bad thing. Also, with all the new building developments since 2004, the existing system just couldn't cope. My tankered in water went up from (approx) TL5 to TL15 per ton within 10 years.
  6. The end of the story states that India is playing its own games as well with respect to downstream states Pakistan and Bangladesh.
    India is downstream from China, but upstream of Pakistan and Bangladesh. It's quite possible that the lack of cooperation between China and India is not unrelated to the lack of cooperation of India with the other two countries, both of which have good relations with China.
  7. For "good relations with China" read "too weak or too dependant to complain".
    Pakistan is well on their way to integration into the "One belt one road"
    which will make them a Chinese protectorate and Bangladesh is so miserably poor it doesn't count.
  8. I would instead put it as all three (China, Pakistan, and Bangladesh) have common interests in resisting or opposing India, but have fewer reasons for conflict amongst each other. It all comes down to simple geography and who borders whom and where.
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  9. Except for Bangladesh, which has traditionally been more pro-Indian. India helped it achieve independence when it split from Pakistan in 1971.

    China has been trying to get them on side with cheap credit for years.
  10. At 2016 PPP, it amounts to around $24bn in 'bilateral assistance' (generic aid) and $13 in joint venture investment. Set against that, trade totals only $10bn, the majority of which is Bangladeshi purchases fro the PRC.

    A good customer is worth preserving. Maybe even developing.
  11. Customer one day. Client state the next.
  12. Sometimes, Hector, a cigar is just a cigar.
  13. And sometimes it is the thin end of the wedge.
  14. Ok, sometimes a panatella is just a panatella.
  15. Even if its jammed up an intern?