Water Treatment - heve you ever?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Mr_C_Hinecap, Feb 18, 2011.

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  1. I have a small involvement in some Sapper-focused kit. I was just wondering what your own experiences of operating / installing any of the WPU was - good / bad experiences, never touched it, afraid of it? I've only seen a WPU(NBC) used once on an Ex where it worked - with a lot of effort and reference to docs.
  2. The kit used to get used a fair bit in Kenya for supplying the battlegroup with water. A prized job because the lads would use the S tanks as swimming pools which in Kenya is rather nice.

    The WPU (NBC) is ok if you get one which has actually been backflushed correctly otherwise the candles go tits up and the thing is useless.
  3. One answer, loads of views. We really should take water production away from the RE and contract it fully - or just make it All Arms loke the Small Group.
  4. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    or, where is the distinction between logistics and generation of potable water?
  5. If water supply was to be taken away and made all arms then who would be the SME? As it currently stands the REWW is the SME as it is a single focal point. I can't see an infanteer RQ or CQ wanting the responsibility!
  6. I operated the WPU (NBC) for 4 months in Angola in '95. Brilliant bit of kit. I was also trained in theatre on the ISO container de-salination plant. Again another good bit of kit.
  7. We produce the water, it's an All Arms responsibility for collection, simple as that.
  8. With an RAMC EHT testing the water of course........................ assuming there are enough of them to go around!!!!

  9. Most water in Th is currently produced by All Arms kit.
  10. All Arms produce water because there aren't enough Engrs to go round. Same with Assualt Pioneers, they are doing the low level Engr work because there aren't enough to go round.
    Now the Assault Pioneer Cse has had a major revamp. You now have the Assault Soldier cse. But the problem with this, a lot of subjects aren't being taught. Watermanship for 1. This will have a huge knock on effect in a few years time.
  11. One of the Fld Tps of 59 did a lot of water supply for 3 Cdo Bde on Op Haven in 91. Lots and lots. (That's in metric, obviously).
  12. SG is an all arms as the standard is too complex and far too bulky. SG is designed for 30 days. It also maybe AA, but who teaches it? And where do you do if you have any queries or issues? REWW?
  13. done loads of water treatment, large & small scale as i spent 3+ years with 521 STRE WD.
  14. There is very little difference between the SG and the standard - be honest.
  15. Whilst the WPU Std and SG are very similar in principle (Settle-Filter-Chlorinate-Distribute) the operation of Std requires more space, manpower and resources. On the flipside it chucks out shitloads more water (technical term - I wouldn't expect a Crab to grasp it).

    The quote above is nearer the mark if you replace standard with NBC, but whilst it IS more complex and bulky, it ain't TOO complex and bulky. Not when you consider that we Sappers are selected and trained for our abilities, which should enable us to operate complex equipment.

    The trouble is, the traditional Sapper roles seem to be getting eroded as they can't compete with the sexiness of EMOE or the gong-worthiness of PRT type work. Water supply is a core RE function and that includes potable water. The current habit (set in since Op Grapple) of only drinking bottled water does the Corps no favours and simply moves the burden to the Logistic side of the fence. Part of that is down to "consumer confidence" and here is where bulk water needs to be palatable as well as potable - nobody wants to drink swimming pool water!