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I'm looking for a Camelbak-esqe hydration system for patroling. Prbably about 2l, DPM, and prefably able to attach to assault vests

Any reccomendations?
It depends on whether you want a separate pouch thing like a camelback (have you answered your own question?) or one that goes in a daysack (ie a platypus).

Personally, I prefer the playpus because it goes into Bergans/Daysacks easier than a Camelback does.
Try an arktis 'hump' can be found on ebay very cheap, 2.5l i believe. The best thing about enclosed packs like this or a camelbak are they really do seem to help keep your drinks cool cause of the special material used
If you are deploying on Ops (and who isn't?), you'll be issued one. If you are in the RAC (or REME attached) you will also get a 1 litre pouch for your survival vest.


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elnoddo said:
personally wouldnt touch another camelbak with a sh"£$y stick mine always leak prefer the platypus, however lacks insulation.
Stuff a Platypus into this ?
It's insulated & will take the Platypus, Camelbak & others.

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