Water rationing for recruits?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Bravo_Bravo, Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. Heard very recently that one ATR oop North introduced water rationing for a recruit ( possibly PJNCO ) cadre, with no rationale being given.

    My first thoughts where that this was dangerous; I understand the need for water discipline but to be honest this just reeked of an abuse of power by the DS and this was done in summer; when the MO turned up for checks this was bought up and within the hour each student had their own jerry can ( which they had to carry with them... )

    Is this an accepted practice? ( Not the carriage of Jerry cans, but water rationing. )

  2. Not 'round at our place, I aim for 1 jerrycan per 4 recruits & easy access to more, it never gets hot enough, I like the idea of carrying the jerrycan though, very Andy McThem & B2 zilch.
  3. water rationing - they ought to ration oxygen for some of them!
  4. Damn good idea. Recruits should be taught the hard way to restrict themselves to 1 litre of water per day. This proved to be enough for me and many others to cook food, make tea, wash and shave.

    By all means have spare jerry cans available to prevent medical risks and dole out central-messing tea occasionally, but recruits need to learn that they will not always have an unlimited supply of water available. How else will they really learn that a sip of water will quench your thirst just as much as a mouthful?

    It's a different matter in a hot climate or when wearing Noddy Suits, when your perspiration rate is excessive, but typical running about in western europe should place the emphasis on the fact that only one 1-litre water bottle is issued and efforts should be made to restrict consumption to that amount.

    You learn that you can wash and shave by wetting the corner of a face cloth rather than by splashing water on your face, that you can clean your mess tins with grass and that the buddy-buddy system allows you to cook two meals in one mess tin while still providing enough water for two reasonably-sized (though not mug-full) hot drinks.

    Jeez, the youth of today. They'll be wanting toilets next.....
  5. Funny you should mention that.........
  6. I am trapped in the land of 'halt check one-two' and water rationing is news to me.
  7. Puttees, I was always taught the way you mention but I have always took the opportunity to take on board more water when able to. Even if my bottle was full and I wasn't thirsty, I'd still neck it and refill my bottle as you never know when the next water stop will be.
  8. Water should never be rationed. Practice conservation by any means, but it should never be rationed. If any recruit went down with a heat related injury and it was discovered that such practices had taken place, then heads would roll
  9. I concur with D_S................

    Policy on water consumption is very strict and is laid down in JSP 539!
  10. Any chance of a link/pdf Muttley? I'm not able to get my hands on a copy from here

  11. Water rationing in training I have never heard of anything so ludicrous!

    We usually save that sort of thing for Operations!
  12. And next, you'll tell us how you used to be able to clean your rifle to armoury standards using only two pieces of 4"x2"... "the older I get, the harder it was"

    Teach conservation, yes, but rationing, no (as someone else pointed out).

    Medical advice says you should be taking on two litres of water a day; more during hot weather. Drink until your urine is clear. Any less, and your troops are running around dehydrated.

    Sports science research says that even 1% dehydration makes a massive hole in your performance; your stamina drops, your speed lessens - significantly. Remember also that even light exercise wearing CS95 and PLCE means sweating in weather that everyone else regards as a bit nippy.

    Anyone who ever suggests that "you can train your body to survive on less water" is talking dangerous sh*te.
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    Ours get supervised drinking prior to tabs, min 2 bottles per man plus spare in bergan, and jerrycans available for resups at water stops if required.

    Much rather that than all of the paperwork generated by heat injuries, renal failure etc caused by strenuous physical execise when dehydrated.

    As for rationing because water may be short on Ops - you don't need to practice a kick in the boll0cks to know that it will hurt.
  14. in the 70s we managed on two water bottles a day....
    one wth Gin the other held the tonic ... We managed ok
    the nigs to-day will never know how good they have it ..
    And if you cant clean ya gat with two pieces of two by four then use said used lint as ear protectors ......then god help you...
    kids these days???

    :( :( :eek: :eek: