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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by littlenickoutthere, Jun 18, 2008.

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  1. Just been in from a run. It was my long distance of the week, going for about 8-10 miles but ive had to cut it to 6.5 due to a splitting headache and feeling lightheaded etc. As i did 10 miles last week i am putting it all down to not enough water being drank before i headed out earlier. Just wondering how much water should i be taking on before running these sort of distances?
  2. Simple answer. It depends. Lots of things can have an effect.

    A good rule of thumb is that when you piss it should be clear or 'pale straw' coloured. If it's darker than that, or you're feeling thirsty then you probably need to drink more.

    N.B. Your first piss of the day will usually be darker as the kidneys recover more water during the night than during the day.

  3. Like PassingBells said, but make sure you're hydrated throughout the entire day not just on your run.

    Also, take a water bottle with you too. Running 10 miles will dehydrate you quite a bit no matter how hydrated you are to begin with...
  4. I practically "boiled dry" after two miles a few weeks ago. Just ground to a halt after three. Managed to get some water but had to walk home.
    It was a hot day but I must have been dehydrated to start with.
  5. know how you feel. got 6.5 out of the 8.5 i was planning to do. Ah well, lesson learned for next time
  6. Running bottles only cost about £3 from a good running store and I would definitely reccomend getting one. I use one at this time of year whenever I do over 3 miles. You'd be surprised how quickly you can get through a full one. I think I read recently that for every 2% of fluid your body loses you will lose 20% efficiency. Remember to drink lots of water throughout the day too.
  7. yeh i guess ill have to get one, i just hate having that seemingly useless thing in your hand all the way round a long one. i tend to get irratable and fidgity after about 6 miles and everything becomes an annoyance till the finish
  8. I feel people overestimate the importance of water when running, It never ceases to amuse me when I see runners plodding along at 10min mile pace carrying a litre bottle of water with them - frightened no doubt that they will turn into extras from the Mummy Returns at any second.

    You only need to consider additional water intake if you are going out for more than an hour - any less than that then just make sure you have hydrated well throughout the day and have a glass before you go out and as much as you need when you get back.
  9. Well he was talking about running 10 miles which I assume will take more than an hour.

    Anyway I think the it is really important to have a hydration plan several days before the run. It has always been drilled into me that Heat exhaustion is one of those things to be avoided because once it strikes, you for some reason become liable to be struck down again in the future.
  10. Some people want it for taking the dryness away from their throat. I know after about 45mins - 1 hour on a cross trainer with the sweat stinging in my eyes i really like to have a drink on hand.
  11. Try purchasing a Camelpak (hydration system worn like a bag pack), this way you won't have to worry about carrying the water in you're hand. You can pick up a cheap civie one for a tenner now. I tend to sip water just to relieve dry mouth/throat...any more and I end up getting stitch! I only carry water on the treadmill as our gym is redders at the moment or/and if I am doing longer distance (over 6miles)

    I am prone to getting headaches after trg, but that's due to not drinking enough during the day, eventhough I don't drink caffine or fizzy pop! (must be the stella). :)

    Isotonic drinks seem to work for me