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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by PassingBells, Jul 2, 2011.

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  1. Having spent half of last week trudging uphill to be sure that I was above the local dead sheep population, it occurs to me that I should probably get a water filter.

    I used to use a Millbank Bag, which was bomb-proof although slow (and I was always leery of remaining on iodine for too long) however this seems to have walked. In any event, I'm sure that there are better solutions out there .

    Any recomendations gratefully received. Am a civi now, so can't get anything through the system.

  2. Katadyne is the name in water purification.

    Micropur forte tablets also by Katadyne.

    Katadyne do hand pumps that are good for thousands of litres at a time, the ceramic filters are removable, cleanable, boilable I believe, and of course replaceable.

    If off into the Ulu, handfilter, then delurgy with tabs.

    Better to be safe than dead.
  3. Thanks guys.

    Mugs - Not convinced. For some reason it seems wrong to carry dirty water around with you.

    BC - Agreed. Katadyn Vario is on my short list, along with the MSR Miniworks.
  4. In the UK, I would be happy to millbank bag and puritab. I have never drank water without any treatment, and even having done this, I tend to save my carried water for drinking, and use my filtered water for cooking. (ITS GONNA GET BOILED)

    I get confused at peoples reasons for choice sometimes, a weekend in the hills, carry more water dont take risks, a month crossing India, trust no one, filter and treat everything, then boil it.
  5. My personal favourite is this one, the Katadyn Pocket filter. The engineering has to be seen to be believed, real solid metal quality.

    Products - Katadyn Products Inc.

    Don't forget to use Colloidal Silver instead of iodine or chlorine. The taste is much better and the silver is superb against Lyme disease, infected wounds and the like.

    Colloidal Silver | Natural Antibiotics | Natural Medication – UK Colloidal Silver

    All good stuff. The Millbank Bag or anything similar is still good for the removal of gross contamination. Even letting the water settle for a while is important. Most of the bacteria and parasites will follow the mud to the bottom. And don't forget simple boiling, that way you only need to purify the stuff in your bottle.

    Finally, secure a good length of silver (.925 Sterling Silver necklace so it swishes around in you bottle, and you'll keep the bugs well down.
  6. Not seen that, ta muchly.

    I was going to suggest MSR Sweet Water as it works a treat also.

    Always boil even after filtering. If possible have a two bottle system: One bottle for collected untreated water; second bottle for keeping it in after treatment.
  7. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    if you boil anyway then you can allways make your own as you just want to remove sludge. but a charcoal element to remove all the chemicals would be helpfull, chucking a lump of charcoal in the boiling water can be enough to remove most farm residues

    Surviva-Pure - The Ultimate Water Purification System

    fear not webtex dont make these but they sure know how to charge for them, I got a load of these from the states as they were much cheaper but they arent bad. you can drink from the bottle or use it to refill others, when its dead you snap the filter off and use as a regular bottle. very usefull when on the move.

    the pentapure travel cup uses an iodine resin so can fill any bottle or just use it as a drinking cup, just leave for a few mins to let it do its work. I add some charcoal and a coffee filter to remove lumps.

    apparently you cant buy iodine tablets anymore without a prescription but you can use iodine liquid and lemon juice or vit c to romove the tang.
  8. We were shown that Lifesaver bottle on RSOI...very smart and very clever....a wee bottle of water with added afghan shit/dirt added, pumped a few times, came out clear, smelt and tasted a bit odd but if it was that or die of thirst. rumour has it that they are getting down to section level.....we'll see.
  9. DIY Water Filter