Water crossing command task

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by gun_god, Dec 15, 2010.

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  1. I have to create a command task which crosses a pond (20 meters long) and the water is no more than waist height.

    its across the regain rope pond at Pippingford park if that gives anyone a better picture! (no regain rope anymore).

    looking for something with the usual barrels/rope/planks sketch but i am drawing a mental blank on this, (might have something to do with my own crap command task performances). i am looking to make it interesting especially without the need for imaginary "minefields" or "nuclear waste".

    Ideas please
  2. Easy. 3 barrels , two planks and four bits of rope.
    They always tie all 3 barrels in sequence and fall in.
    The DS solution is to create a T shaped raft with a drum on each end , as this is stable .

    Can I claim my prize please ?
  3. you can have a place on the exercise if you want, especially if you are a CBRN instr! :pl:

    thanks for the idea
  4. DS solution for this weekend is to fill a barrel with water and push it across the ice with the planks. Person pushing has rope tied around him in case the ice breaks. If the barrel makes it to the far side, everybody just walks across.

    Or you could try this: YouTube - A car driving over a river in Iceland
  5. very sadistic idea, I LIKE IT. not sure if i can squeeze it past the big chief though
  6. 16 barrels, 20 6m lengths of scaffold tube, 16 scaffold clips, 12 scaffold boards, 2 step ladders, loads of rope, a broom and a stripped-down Rover (plus the obligatory buoy!). To further complicate the issue, erect "Do not walk on the grass" signs around the pond.

    Get the Rover, all of the team and all of the equipment across the pond with nobody getting their feet wet.
  7. Alternatively, take all of the equipment listed above plus two road cones. Place one road cone 5m from the pond (cone A) and the other 5m from the pond but on the other side of it (cone B). All the equipment is laid out next to cone A.

    You give the instructions:

    "You have 5 minutes to make a note of the equipment available to you. You then have 5 minutes to brief your team and 20 minutes to get your team from Cone A to Cone B. You must all wear life jackets even though the water isn't very deep. Begin."

    The essence of the exercise is that you have not told them that they have to cross the pond, nor have you told them that they have to move any equipment. What you have told them is to make a list of the equipment and travel a short distance wearing lifejackets.

    How many will succumb to mission slip? And how many will drown the Rover trying to use it as a bridge pier?
  8. I did this very command task at Pip Park when I was a cadet...But without the land rover

    I got more than my feet wet...and muddy.

    I will use this on the next generation...
  9. If there is a warrant officer around (WO2 is good, WO1 is better) ask them for a piggy back, everyone knows they can walk on water!


  10. ...and the WO1 will tell you to jump across the water. And you'll keep doing it until you're successful. (and once more for the Queen).

    Anyway, it's a myth that WO1s can walk on water. There's no need, the waters part as he approaches.

  11. As with all things is there a NSN for that?