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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BratMedic, Aug 14, 2011.

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  1. Is the use of water cannons justified to quell rioting and is it worth adding a drop of Persil to stop the coloureds running?
  2. If by quell you mean "up the ante" sure go for it.
  3. Raw sewage would be nicer for the barstools
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  4. Fill the water cannon full of petrol and then douse yourself with it you utter boring cunt.

    Don't forget your lighter.
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  5. Fuck the water cannon, use 30mm cannon!
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  6. There is stuff you can add to the water in a water cannon that is a skin irritant...it makes you itch for days afterward.

    There is also another type of chemical that the Germans use in theirs that makes the water cling on to cloths and smells like rancid shit mixed with a hobos jockstrap.
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  7. HHH

    HHH LE

    There are only three ways you know this,
    1. You have been sprayed, while rioting in Germany.
    2. You have given a Hobo a blow job.
    3. Both of the above.
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  8. Some people go trainspotting, some people parachute off tall building...I have other interests.
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  9. I've just noticed that from an iPhone if you look at this thread it says

    "Loading Watercannon" I think it's a sign
  10. They dispensed the water + irritant mixture from a man-portable back-pack water spray type of thing. The first version of this was made from a converted flame-thrower ( Converted Flamethrower 40 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ).

    Anyone thinking about other liquids that could be dispensed from this apparatus is a very naughty person and should sit on the naughty step until further notice.

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  11. What a buch of poofters you all are, try a rectivated 68lb carronade stuffed full of scrap iron and nails and other nasty sharpy disfiguring dismembering thingys, point, light blue touch wick and stand clear of breechings, BOOM!, clean sweep jobs a goodun.
  12. Yes, because the alternative would lead to a whitewash.
  13. There was an additive available to put in the water in water cannons in NI. It was a bit of an irritant and marked the turds that were sprayed. It was made by DowJones Chemicals in the Home of he brave and the land of the free.
  14. Purple dye would be good, purple=guilty go to jail do not collect £200
  15. Was it called napalm ?