Water bore holes Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Jorrocks, Apr 8, 2010.

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  1. Hello chaps, I´m after some technical advice and this seems to be a sapper expertise. I´m looking for a local contractor to drill a 200m water bore hole in Afghanistan supplying 350m3 per day. This is deep (probably too deep but the client carried out the hydrographic survey and it´s what he wants). Anyone know of any local firms that could do this?
  2. Atlas,copco are the world leaders in this type of plant they might be able to help you with a local user of there stuff
  3. PM Sent Jorrocks...
  4. Thanks chaps
  5. Where abouts in Afghanistan?
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    Arrse... is there any question it can't answer?
  7. It appears not!
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  12. I have also done quit a bit of drilling but never for oil or water,once I was involved in the Philipines in drilling into a volcano to natruraly heat water to produce power. and in Cornwall to pressure inject concreat into old tin mines to stabalise the area to build the dual carrigeway from Great Chiverton roundabout on the A30 to Scorrier, after on of our artic tippers vanished down a very large hole, there were loads of others, but they are the most memorable probably because of ladyboys and pubs on the site
  13. Got it and replied
  14. any joy Jorrocks????