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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by wellyhead, Jul 18, 2008.

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  1. You can stick the dark knight up yer arrse, for fans of the original and best dark graphic novel, the movie of Watchmen is less than a year away. But the first trailer has hit the web so please enjoy

    Who watches The Watchmen ?
  2. I think I have just cum in my pants!

    Can't wait for this. Really looking forward to see how dark Rorschach will be. Without a doubt the best graphic novel ever written so far.
  3. Glad I'm not the only one! :D

    Fcuk me gently, this movie looks PERFECT! 8O 8)
  4. The Dark Knight broke Spiderman's record for an opening weekend's box office...but I think that will last only until Watchmen opens.

    I just hope the movie is as cynical and nihilistic as the book...

    Love the music!
  5. The Watchmen will be the film to see in 2009. Trailer looks like the novel brought to life. Alan Moore would be proud that Zack Snyder has done the book justice :D
  6. fcuk me
    best trailer ever
  7. Looks like they took the graphic novel and told the actors, production staff etc: "That's your story board."

    My only concern is that it's a BFO graphic novel, so somethings won't make the cut.
  8. I have to admit that although I am looking forward to it, I also fear it. The trailer looks amazing and accurate, however how the hell can they cope with the storyline? The base storyline is hard enough to get to grips with but what about the side stories in its wake ? Will they bother with the Black Freighter or Behind the mask chapters ? If not how are they going to explain the costumed vigilante mindset ? Many things are hinted at, like The Hooded Justices S&M tendencies and "special relationship" with Capt Metropolis or the rather cynical reasons for the creation of Dollar Bill (and nature of his death) and the Silk Spectre (both versions) and don't even get me started on Rorschach ("Tell me what you see", Dogs head cleft in two - "a butterfly")

    The real fear I have mind is that it will totally bomb, even with an amazing story I really doubt it will drag the numbers like Batman/Spider-man etc, why ? Because its just so cult and not mainstream enough. Saying that though, 300 did alright for itself, so maybe it might just work
  9. Fantastic - still my favourite graphic novel & very filmable. Was Moore properly involved in this one? V was a wasted opportunity, cheesed-up, no wonder Moore disassociated himself from it.
  10. Alan Moore has nothing to do with any adaptations, thats why they haven't slapped a "Alan Moores Watchmen" on it
  11. Well as long as the film version of Watchmen isn't another League...
  12. To say nothing of scenes like the Comedian's attempted rape of the first Silk Spectre, or when he shoots dead the Vietnamese woman who is pregnant with his child...Rorshach killing the guy in jail by throwing boiling fat in his face("I'm not locked up in here with you. You're locked up in here with ME...)

    During the middle of the riots, Night Owl asks the Comedian "What happend to the American Dream".

    The Comedian: "It came true. You're looking at it." :twisted:

    Comedian: "Once you figure out what a joke everything is, being a Comedian is the only thing that makes sense."

    Dr Manhattan: "The burned villages...the dead women and children...a joke?!"

    Comedian: "Hey - I never said it was a GOOD joke!" :twisted:

    And of course, the Comedian is also supposed to have slotted JFK...

    Not exactly The Fantastic Four! :D
  13. Having been bought the Graphic Novel by a mate, and never having heard of it before I was dubious when I read the comments on the blurb about Watchmen being 'The Greatest Graphic Novel Ever' and 'Winner of countless awards'. That said after reading over half the novel long into the night I realised that this is quite possibly one of the best novels I've had the pleasure to pick up and read, Graphic Novel or not there is no real unexplained gaps in the story and the book does stimulate reaction. (Not cum in my pants style though :p, chicks in tight leather leotards however.......)

    I firmly agree with everyone who has posted though the trailer does indeed look like the book brought to life. I hope that this movie does draw in the Marvel/DC crowd as well though as then, along with Sin City and 300 some of the better Graphic Novels will get the Hollywood deals.

    Slaine, Rogue Trooper, Sandman etc etc

    I think that loads of people poo poo (Ahhhh Melchard) Graphic Novels as they simply look like a comic and never get the chance to see how good they are at conveying a story.

    I caught the trailer in the Cinema as well before seeing it on the net and must admit was in awe at how close to the novel it looks :)

    10/10 on the anticipationometer for this one ;)
  14. Saw this before DK in IMAX.

    Don't think it's all that, although the SFX look very cool admittedly.
  15. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    doesn't look all that... an over deendence on the cgi'd floating bloke.