Watching TV on iPod Nano ?

Quick question please guys. We got our 10yr old an iPod Nano and have preloaded some iTunes songs on it.

I signed up for Channel 4 on demand (free) and have watched the very first episode of shameless.

I have noticed that it is a .wmv (windows movie file)

I am watching it in windows media player.

Can you play these files on an iPod Nano ?

Unfortunately he is over in Holland with his grandparents so I can't check.

Any advice would be grateful.

Thanks in advance.


The new 3rd Generation Ipod Nano plays video, the 2G and 1G don't. Not sure what file formats it supports but the WMV files have a form of DRM most likely and won't play on the Nano.

I wouldn't recommend buying songs off Itunes as it works out really expensive, if your planning on downloading a load of tracks sign up to Napster unlimited (lets you download an unlimited amount of songs for £15 a month), these won't instantly play on the Nano as they have "DRM" so use a program to remove the DRM and create it as a normal MP3 file.

You'll get stung £15 for each month you keep Napster (i think you can ditch if after a month) and then its around £15 for the DRM removing software which all in all if you download more than 37 songs then you've broken even. I downloaded around 150 songs for the 1 month I was subscribed.

Hope it helps!

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