Watching the Door

Been reading a few reviews of this book and it's had some good write ups. Anyone read it yet? Here's the synopsis thats on Amazon:

Product Description

"Watching the Door" is the memoir of an ordinary young man who drifted into a war zone, made it his home and, somehow, emerged unscathed.After Kevin Myers graduated from university in 1969, a chance job application landed him a position as a journalist in Belfast, reporting on the Troubles. There, he was absorbed quickly into the local community. Soon he became privy to the secrets of Protestant and Catholic paramilitaries alike. In his darkly funny account of life on the streets, Myers evokes with searing clarity a society on the brink of civil war. His memoir is a remarkable portrait of those divisions, from the dedicated violence of loyalist gangs and provos to the behaviour of paratroopers, squaddies, Northern Ireland's police force and the wider population.Raw, candid and courageous, "Watching the Door" recalls the bloodiest time in Northern Ireland's recent past. It is a coming-of-age story like no other.

There's a review of this tome in today's Metro, London edition. I met Kev Myers a few times. He has a good grip on Irish military history and has had several skirmishes with the Sinn Fein zealots who would airbrush aspects of their campaigns for their own ends.

He drew the wrath of McGuinness who when not planning mayhem is taken to fly fishing and writing poetry about it. Myers spotted the 'Fly Fishing' poem and critiqued it to shreds. Marty and the MacGonigal one share a skill when putting thoughts to verse. A fathwa was issued by PIRA and Myers was obliged to keep his head down for a bit.
Finally got round to reading this, wish I'd read it sooner. What a top read this is, Belfast in the 70's certainly was the wild west. I suppose some posters on this site were there then, I didn't get there till the mid 80's and thought it was bonkers.
A very humourous book which is strange considering the matter it deals with but the way he puts it across is spot on.
Highly recommended.

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