Watching movies on Pocket PC

I need help - I've got some serious travelling hours coming up and I need to put loads of films onto SD cards to take with me. One slight problem - I don't know how. I've got Pocket DivX installed on my PDA, but don't know how to put my DVD's on it. Any technical minded lads or ladies out there fancy giving me a hand?
Ye gods how the hell are we to help you with such little info?

I'll asume you are using a windows PPC.

Copy all the media files you want on your PDA to your active synch folder on your pc (There should be a sub folder for SD,CF etc). Then connect your PDA to your pc. When it synchs it should move the media to your PDA.

You can also use media player to save to>PDA.
I use CarryDVD to make copies of DVDs to watch on my Pocket PC

Costs about £15 but is a breeze to use.
The main problem you are likely to have is battery life, I have an XDAIIi and the battery only lasts for a few films before it needs recharging.
I don't need to use a pocket PC, I watch films in my mind in full dolby surround whilst I stare into space, rocking back and forth with the drool pooling in my lap making it look like I have swamped.

Is it time for my medication nurse?
You will find there's quite a lot of help on this available on the web, and you can certainly do it using freeware - you don't need to buy any software to convert or watch full screen films on a PDA. There's a full guide to ripping DVDs and converting them to a format and size that is suitable for a PDA here. It's a two stage process - rip the DVD then convert it for PDA use, taking about 4 hours (for a 150 minute film) in total, but don't expect to use your PC for anything else while it's going on. You'll need at least 4 or 5 GB free on your PC disk because of the size of the original DVD files, but you can delete the originals when conversion is finished. You should get a full length DVD down to about 350Megs after conversion, and still get decent quality on the PDA.

For watching the vids I'd recommend a viewer called TCPMP which is freeware, plays all formats fullscreen, and can be downloaded here.

I use my PPC to watch films quite a lot when travelling, and if you get any real problems I can probably help if you drop me a PM.


Edited 'cos I put the wrong link to the guide on ripping and converting the DVDs. It's now correct.

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