Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Lucent, Apr 16, 2006.

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  1. Badly need to get a decent watch, but confounded by the huge choice available..

    Any recommendations ?

    No pictures of 'daggers', no 'spec-ops' in bold typeface on it, no silver or gold,

    But must be a doddle to change the time quickly and really easy to read
    the hands and face at night or in poor illum, or, possible to switch on back-lit
    illumination until you decide to switch it off again. Must be robust, fairly waterproof and have a
    date display too.

    would also preferably have digital/analog hybrid and alarm and timer function, a timer bezel/ring, and
    not be so chunky that its constantly snagging straps or clothing..

    thanks for any suggestions..

  2. Hi,

    You could do alot worse than a Traser watch.

    One of the sponsors on the site sells them, Telford Watches.

    Date, rotating bezel, nato strap and great for night work.


  3. [​IMG]

    This will probably meet your needs. Best of all, you can get it for less than £10.



    On 2nd thoughts, this will suit your needs better. 50m Water Resistance. This will bring the price above £10, but it will still be below £20.
  4. Try this squaddie favourite at Argos

    You can set the light to come on with a flick of the wrist if you want, its clear to read but not too bright.

    The watch is quite flat so doesn't snag easily.

    Mine has lasted about 5 years without a battery change, and at the price I'd more likely just get a new watch!

    Mine has truely been battered and still works well.

    Hope this helps :roll:
  5. Beware the "water resistance" Lucent - for diving purposes you'd need something in the region of 200m, get the sales person to explain the ratings as 50m means it can hardly get wet...
  6. try

    spk to lee, they do squaddie discount and VAT free to any qualifying BFPO address

  7. I've used those casios I listed above, and I have found them to be very hardy watches, especially the one with 50m Water resistance. I think it is unfair to say that those watches can 'hardly get wet'. I've used that watch in the shower, in the swimming pool and for river crossings, all without any problems. Of course, they are not meant for diving to any sort of depth, but it never claimed to be a diving watch.

    Another good point about those cheap casio watches is that they have a damn long battery life! They last for years and years.
  8. Nothing wrong at all with Casio watches, I was just trying to point out that "50m" doesn't mean it works down to 50m that's all, I found out the hard way having been misled by a plonker in a shop! When I went back he (rightly) pointed out that I should have read the instructions... :roll:
  9. Feck me, are they still for sale ?

    I bought one before I joined up in 87 and used it till I accidently left it on the underside of my bunk in Gorni Vakuf in 97

    If anyone has seen it please could you ost it to me, you can't miss it its the same as the pic except the strap broke and I replaced it with a piece of para-cord

  10. Just get a G10 watch, they last 4ever and as to the alarm, well.... buy an alarm clock!!!
  11. Thanks, yes, slightly misleading those depth ratings. "10m" doesnt really mean 10 metre depth for example..more like it will shrivel up in a light rain shower.. and 30m means you shouldnt even swim with it..

    Well I still havent got a watch, but leading on from the 2 casio suggestions by Scabster, I spotted this.. or this

    Unfortunately out of stock at the time.. Yes I like the idea of a flickwrist-backlight, but not if it comes on at a bad time accidentally :) I've been eying up the Suunto Observer for a long long time..but
    havent quite been able to justify the expense to myself yet..

  12. G shock dual time analogue and digital last for ever and indestructable.........undoubtably some one will have an "I killed my g shock" Dit but thats life

    Cheap as well