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I'm getting very erratic email notifications regarding watched threads of late.
Noticed it a few days back with may threads not giving notification of fresh posts, so today I made sure I'd got myself up to date on visiting each & very one.
Now I'm once more seeing half a dozen unread watched threads in the drop down Forums list for which I've not received emails.

It's like, weird man...


Same here. It's been mainly the Casual Game Chat Thread for me but also the ARRSE Kennel Club has been hit and miss for a while.
I've had that happen to me too. It's been over a few months or so. Sometimes I'll get a reminder think wtf, and retrace my steps to find I'm a half dozen, or more, pages to catch up with.
I noticed this ages ago. I 'think', based on idle observations, it stops telling you there's updates after a certain number and then only restarts after you revisit the thread.

I generally have to do a round of visiting my main threads every few days.
Needless to say, this thread about missed watched thread notifications is one of those I didn't receive notification of...

...along with several more since posting it.


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I have noticed this also and it has been going on for a while. I think as one selects more and more the system can't cope - just my thoughts as I am no techy - but I have been in and deleted some (lots) of old ones and the situation improves.
It's been the same for me for months. I'll get notifications during one part of the day, that new posts have arrived. Then layer on the evening, when I go to the thread myself, I'll have a dozen pages to catch up on.
Not sure if this is related but in Tapatalk the notifications have stopped updating in the watched thread list since the last update.

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