Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by purplestar, Apr 29, 2010.

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  1. Hi, I want to get a watch with an altimeter on it, needs to be fairly easy to use. Before I go and purchase, wondered if anyone on here knows of any decent ones.

  2. In the nicest possible way, might I suggest you do a search on watches first? There have been many threads on this.
  3. Why not buy an altimeter with a clock built in? If you want to know how high you are you'll need to be able to set air pressure.
  4. I did not find anything specific for easy to use altimeters on watches, however please feel free to enlighten me on your experiences of using them in the TA
  5. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    Apparently SUUNTO are pretty good..

    Seen some people use them skydiving, which is a pretty good indicator.
  6. I have a Suunto. It does the job. It can take a little while getting GPS sometimes, but ones it's squared away it's job done.

    Has lots of features. RVOps sells them.

    I have an older version of the one in the link below (mines an X9i). They're not cheap, but very reliable, easily recharged, and very robust.
  7. Thank you, just the sort of info I was looking for, cheers
  8. No worries
  9. Feck me Smudge, WTF do you need GPS for? Do you use it to mark the position of your latest conquest so that you don't go near her place for a while in case her husbands in?
  10. Oh yes. It also helps at sillyAM when making good the urban Escape and evasion

    Also when skiing, as it can plot your route on Google maps after
  11. lidl £19.99 compass altimeter temp usual digi clock timer etc :eek:
  12. Yes mucker, I bought one a couple of weeks ago, just as a spare.

    It's as good as any Suunto & I've got one of those too.
  13. I use a Casio ProTrek which is pretty accurate. I got it through eBay from hong kong and paid a third of the uk retail price.
    Make sure you know how to use it though. You cannot just fire and forget and expect it to be as accurate at the end of the day as when you started out. Altimeters need to be calibrated regularly especially in mountainous terrain.
  14. I have the SUUNTO Observer TT. Lovely watch and has more bits on it then I know how to use.
  15. Well fcuk you cnuty bollox, it was intended as a helpful suggestion. What do you need a fcuking altimeter on your watch for anyway? You some sort of James Bond walt? Anyone who REALLY needs an Altimeter carries a proper fcuking altimeter. Cnut.