Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by tykette, Jul 6, 2009.

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  1. im also looking for good pressie for OH after hes done basic, ive thought of a nice watch but totally clueless to which one would be appreciated, ive looked at trasers but there is so many, can anyone recommend one? or even a totally different present if you think he could find this lame. hes going into Royal Engineers if that helps, opinions grateful
  2. I do apologise. I saw this in 'The Other Half' and the title had me fooled ... thought it was some webcam invite :oops:
  3. dirty old man
  4. Ignore Blobmeisters choice of timepeice unless you are a caravan dweller from Porthcawl.

    Get him a Breitling, then tongue his date for him as he tries it on.
  5. I've always favoured the diver's type watch with the rotating bezel as it's useful for timing things. CWC make or have made a lot of the issue watches for years and are reasonably affordable. They only seem to be available from Silvermans who ramp the price up a little but not drastically so. I would avoid watches from MWC (Military Watch Company) as much of their stock might be best described as "military style" rather than Military Specification. (Non-fixed bars for the strap for example - the easy way to lose a watch.)

    Any proper Diver's watch should be a reliable piece of kit as it is a vital piece of safety equipment.

    I have one of these which I'm very fond of although it's been slagged off as being horrible rubbish in the past, mainly by MDN :)
    My version has a date window. There is a quartz version which is rather cheaper.
  6. hahaha sorry to disappoint, cheers for recommendations keep them going, i dont want a cheapy but dont want it re-morgage house so keep it to 3 fig prices, someone suggested a good leatherman with him going RE but think ill look at one of those after phase 2
  7. CountryGal

    CountryGal LE Book Reviewer

    A watch would be a great pressy Im sure, BUT its really hard to choose one for him, you might end up with one that he wears cause its from you but isnt the one he wanted or would have got himself - how bt a day out, lunch and then a shopping trip and let him choose one ;o)
  8. for £650 ish you can get an Omega Seamaster.
  9. Who the f*ck spends £650 on a watch? :?
  10. He does...Watching little boys
  11. Poor people
  12. I must be absolutley destitute then, as I don't even own one any more.
  13. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    £650 for a watch a Bargain
  14. That sounds like a good deal to me, any Swiss automatic diver's watch is going to be in the £300- 400 bracket minimum.

    Where do you get one at that price MDN?