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Discussion in 'RLC' started by bohs_man, Mar 22, 2006.

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  1. Anybody out there in cyber world know the rules governing commonwealth soldiers speaking their native language whilst in uniform/on duty etc?I couldnt give a 100% certain answer to a lad who asked, said he sometimes found groups of commonwealth guys intimidating.any thoughts?
  2. I cannot confirm or deny if I swear or not.

    If they are in the British Army, I would have thought you could beat them to death for patois.
  3. Bohs..... This is a problem accross the board,

    I am not sure of the hard and fast ruling, I know that there has been cases of JNCo's
    whithin my Regt Being threatened by groups, there is also a thread on here with reference to "No go zones"!!!!!!!!!
    It can be quite frustrating when trying to discipline a group and they speak to each other in their native tongue,

    An interesting post, would be good to get a deffinitive answer

    Does this also include that anoying "sucking through their teeth thing"
  4. Whislt at an ATR some years ago, we were told by the powers that be, that during the working day they had to speak the English language. I then ensured that they did. To get around it, 'you need to practice your english comprehension' was what i used to say. Nothing worse whilst in the dining room when they talk about you in thier own native tongue, and you cant understand a word, but you can understand their faces :x

    Also sucking through their teeth was not allowed as it is slagging you off so to speak.

  5. Get a fooking life you jobsworth bell-end, failing that why don't you go ask a Company/Squadron of Gurkha's.

    Is it OK for the Welsh and the Jocks to speak to each other like they do, but not if you're 'commonwealth' ?

    Before you start dripping about this reply, I'll remind you that you asked for our thoughts - that's mine - get a fooking life.
  6. RLC Thread, Goose, not the NAAFI Bar.
  7. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Don't post on this forum unless you have something constructive to say.

    Thank you.
  8. this is a tricky thread, beware of 'inciting racial hatred', someone could end up sharing a cell with abu hamza.
  9. Again I feel this is an example of the Army being a microcosm of todays British society. I need to heed bitte_ein_bits warning and be carefull how I explian this. People move to UK to better thier life. Apart from this country being a small island with limited space and resources I don't have a huge problem with this if the incoming population are of benefit to the nation. What I don't like is the way people come to this country and then refuse to intergrate. Some want their own native country communities with thier values, laws and way of life. If this is what they want then they should stay in thier own countries and work at making them a better place. Surely anyone joining the British Army will have no doubts about which language it operates in? Surely a condition of joining the British Army is the ability to communicate in English (Gurkha's aside). Another problem of being weak on issues like this is the problem discussed on another thread - no go areas - ghettos. Those in Command need to start getting a grip and not hide behind the fear of falsley being branded racist. If they don't want to speak in English in the work place and mock authority by using another language then I am afraid they have no place in the British Army.
  10. Didn't the DWR kick out / discipline a load of F&CW soldiers a few years ago for failing to speak English? I have never allowed it, as it is divisive. There is an argument, therefore, that speaking in a foreign tongue around anyone who doesn’t speak that language impacts upon unit cohesion and mutual trust and fails to show respect for others (a core value and standard of the British Army) any one who does this therefore fails the service test quicker than a female Officer getting back scuttled by a full screw!
  11. Sorry for being so uncouth in your section chaps, but I actually found the original post very offensive.

    I've heard Welsh and Nepalese spoken widely on the net and around camp and I cannot for the life of me understand the Jocks, but I've never heard Creole, Patois, French or Latin American on formal occasions. Sucking teeth is insubordination and should be treated as such, the person doing it should be warned about this before disciplinary action is taken. Veiled warnings such as 'you need to practice your English now you're in our Army' are no use to anyone.

    Why should Commonwealth soldiers be considered differently to Gurkhas then O-G ?

    I've never thought of Racial Integration as 'everyone needs to speak English the whole time'

    I've made a mental note to avoid RLC units for some time, I didn't realise some of you were so up yourselves and blinkered.
  12. Not quite the same, but definitely in the same vein.

    I'm a Scotsman but I live in Denmark, and serve in the Danish TA.

    Up until quite recently, there were two other British lads in my unit, and I have to admit that I did speak English to them on occasion.
    I spoke Danish with them most of the time, especially if there were others present, but not always. This was in no way an attempt to exclude the Danish lads, but to be honest it can feel stupid talking to people from your own country in a foreign language. It's always my first instinct to speak English to other English speakers, wouldn't it be the same for you?

    I can imagine it'll be the same in many cases for the CW soldiers mentioned here. If it is an obvious attempt to exclude the Brits, rather than a moment of thoughtlessness, then it's time for their NCOs to get a grip on them.
  13. Firstly I apologise in advance for bringing another corps into the RLC thread, but hear me out.

    I find that the real problem is not with F&C soldiers chatting amongst themselves in their native tongue. I'm sure that if you were attached to a non-English speaking unit with a couple of other Brits, you, too, would speak in your native tongue. I know that these guys and girls are not attached, but I hope you see my point. The real problem is (some of) the F&C soldiers that have joined the AGC(SPS). When a person telephones a unit, the first voice they hear is often a junior clerk in RHQ. When that junior clerk speaks such poor English that the caller hangs up without understanding a word that has been spoken, what sort of picture do they get of a) the unit, and b) the Army as a whole that we can't even employ people who can be understood.

    Please note, this is not a racist rant, I just feel that it is something that the recruit training system needs to look at. Maybe compulsory language training for all F&C recruits.

  14. I thought Gurkhas were kind of mecenary and that may be the reason why. commonwealth soldiers are actually joining our army as opposed to serving with it. Please correct me if I am wrong, I can take it.

    IMHO everyone should speak English at work, including the jocks and welsh!!! :D
  15. I had a high percentage of Fijians in my Sqn as well as several other FCO soldiers. My line was generally when chatting amongst themselves during NAAFI breaks etc fine, but not at work per se unless one was asked to help another and the quickest way to do so was to use the native tongue.

    Anyone that 'sucks teeth' etc is being at least rude and at worst insubordinate. Any group of people that are talking amongst themselves and doing so while looking someone outside of the group can appear threatening irrespective of whether Fijian, Welsh, or English is being spoken. The EO rules deal with this. Has the JNCO or someone on his behalf told this group of FCO soldiers that he finds their behaviour threatening? Just as with racism it is perception not intention that matters.

    Clearly it is rude to exclude others when talking in a group and choosing a language that not everyone can understand should be strongly discouraged but I can see no problem when chatting amongst themselves.