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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by BossHogg, Feb 20, 2009.

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  1. I've been pointed in the direction of this application, I've had a look at it and it seems pretty good. Although it's beta, it seems to be the finished article
    TV catchup, watch TV online
  2. Ummm... does this mean we'll have to buy a licence to own a PC... i smell a rat here...
  3. Try or, dont install the Zango shite and watch on for free
  4. I don't see how, you don't register your name and address. If you use a disposable email address to register, where's the catch?
  5. It seems to be OK. I think I'll give it a whirl. Thanks for the tip, mucker!

  6. Cool! That should be handy on ex!
  7. Oh dear... :(

  8. I know it's a bit third world but it shouldn't be much of a problem in Woking should it?
  9. Not really. I've got my tv in woking.

    Live TV:

    A better and more robust solution, especially for abroad is soimething like sopcast for sport and there are more online news channels than you can shake a stcik at.


    For non-live tv, example, Ross Kemp, Lost, 24, Eastenders etc, latest films and DVD's etc - download it from a bot torrent site like mininova. There is a bittorrent search engine at

    If you don't know what a torrent is, google it.
  10. TV catchup Does not work in the midle east as I have just tryed it.
  11. Shame it wont work if your posted to Cyprus.
  12. Streaming entire seasons of US shows here, You can only watch 72 minutes per 24 hours for free, but it's enough for one episode a night. Or for when when you find one of your "acquired" seasons of 24 has a corrupted DivX file which won't work in the X-Box, laptop connected to the TV, away you go :wink:
  13. Any tips on a programme that can convert AVI files to MP4 format?
  14. It's not free, you have to register. It's not supported by some ISPs. So basicaly it's shit.