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Iraqi Kurds warn Turkey

The Kurds of northern Iraq have warned that there will be clashes if troops from neighbouring Turkey cross the border.

Ankara is demanding that Turkish forces should enter the north of the country to secure Turkey's interests if the US and Britain go ahead with an attack on Iraq.

Kurdish spokesmen have said that their guerrillas who control the north will oppose any Turkish intervention.

Regional tensions are rising in advance of expected military action by the US and its allies and the atmosphere between two of those allies - the Turks and the Iraqi Kurds - is becoming increasingly embittered.

Mr Zebari said it would be bad for the image of the Americans and British that two of their allies should be "at each other's throats" before the main battle against the Baghdad government had even started.

He also warned that if the Turks intervened, other regional powers such as Iran would also feel free to step in.


1why is it always the 'poor downtroden' kurds who get themselves into trouble with posturing and propoganda who then demand assistance once their collective butt's are being whupped!

2As a member of NATO surley the Turks should be included in any UN sanctioned action? Not the cleanest record but better than some!

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