Thanks for that. I was not intending to vote labour anyway but thanks nevertheless.
If you live in Morley, you probably should see this before voting......!
All the more reason not to vote Labour..... Blair says "A new type of politics...!"

Yes, a bunch of useless twots, pseudo-marxist control freaks, petty minded gibbering mongs, and Gollums Broone was/is the arch control-freak.

B'Liar is/was an Arthur Daley/Del Boy Trotter character. The New Labour Ring-Master, the 'Spieler' of Labour bullsh*te.... the Snake Oil salesman...

Mandelson could limbo-dance under a locked-door, and still get into the room. The Blair Babes are all looking a bit dowdy and careworn now.... and 2-Jaggs looks like he is still eating pies and bacon sarnies by the bucket load.... (all allegedly of course)...

Ah,well. it will soon be over, and Mr Broone will be packing his bags tomorrow, Thursday (hopefully), as the Removal Van has been ordered up for Friday morning, the 7th of May.... :lol: :?
uncle_vanya - "B'Liar is/was an Arthur Daley/Del Boy Trotter character."

Objection, I strongly resent that!

In the first place when I say I'm 'true blue', I mean it, and when I benefit, everyone benefits.

If I had anything to do with our boys overseas, for a start Bush would've picked-up all our bills and expenses, and our gains would have paid divvies for us. Any merchandise they needed would have been from us, and any motors would have been from yours truly.

The problem, my son, is Phoney Blair was nowhere near the quality of my humble self or my acquaintance in Peckham or Swiss Tony come to that. All Phoney generated was a legion of unaccountable feckless sh1ts utterly lacking in morals, decency and honesty with an agenda to fcuk my country.

Some say I might be a little dodgy, but I, and by colleagues, have more nouse, gumption and credibility than the lot of them rolled together. They're less believable than Self-inflicted!

We may have lost the man we need, but I shall vote to his memory


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