Watch the BBC Series "The Paras" 1982

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by welshblokemiles, May 7, 2007.

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  1. Couldn't find this anywhere on ARRSE (Shocking really, considering this is a gem of an insight for many reaons).

    An interesting look at the para mentality, training being shortened in case recruits are needed for Flaklands reinforcements, and at the army in general 25 years on. Some things change, and somethings just dont!! :D

    A good and informative watch for young'uns like myself who were only born around then, and good for the old todgers to reminisce through their feeding tubes! :wink:

    7 Episodes, 40 minutes each. Get out some beers, make yourself comfortable and enjoy! :D

    Note: The link to episode 4 starts off towards the end of episode 3, don't panic just wait it out and it will begin.
  2. Cheers for that, will take a look later - on a similar note, can anyone remember the documentary series (mibbe around same vintage) which showed SBS training?

    To jog memories, it showed one marine turning up at a remote farmhouse during survival training in the Western Isles (I think, dim memory!) to try and scrounge some food. Unfortunately he was wearing the proprietor's cat's pelt on his head as a makeshift hat (can't remember if he'd eaten the cat).

    Name would be helpful to try and locate! Cheers in advance.
  3. You can get a "The Paras" DVD on ebay for a few quid
  4. Wasn't that the Marines "Mountain and Arctic Warfare Cadre" Series at the time - BEHIND THE LINES - ?

    Brigade Patrol Troop is the current (M&AWC)
  5. I've got 'The Paras' on video (I know, prehistoric!) and dug it out recently after reading something on here about it, it bought a tear to my eye! I did P Coy shortly after the series was filmed and most of the instructors where my instructors and a few of them still live in and around Aldershot and I occasionally bump into them and remind them they were my staff at Depot and they cringe with the realisation of how old they now are!! Sorry fellas for reminding you that you're not as young as you once were but what top blokes!
  6. BEHIND THE LINES: The End is Where we Start From (1985) Documentary series about the Royal Marines Mountain and Arctic Warfare Cadre, an d their training.

    This is the one, but have been unable to locate it anywhere online for sale...

    Anyone else any joy?
  7. I believe the cat was lunch 8O
  8. "The Paras" and "P Company" are both on YouTube.

    I remember "Behind the lines" particularly the big marine who gets a SLR butt in the kisser at the heli I`ve been lookin for this for years but cannot find it anywhere, l might contact Auntie and see what the score is.

    btw..."An ungentlemeanly act" is also on YouTube and always worth a watch.
  9. It was a long time ago, but was this the one where one of the DS describes the dangers of clubbing in arctic conditions with an anecdote about some poor unfortunate getting his knob frozen to a dustbin while taking a leak?
  10. I think it was, it was a very good series, the fight at the Heli Extraction at the end was 'mint viewing' this surely MUST be available somewhere for purchase, have trawled through and also nothing anywhere!
  11. Cheers Gundulph - that's it! Dog, let us know how you get on with the Beeb. I suspect if it's not currently available, it's probably, er, not going to be available.

    I think the same is true of 'Contact', drama about paras in NI:
  12. just watching it, That MO is a right minger :)
  13. So what ever happened to Cunningham and his dodgy No2 2 Dress then?

    I hear they were doing a where are they now? Know at least one DS died in NI back in the 90's I believe.

  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Check pm's.
  15. Ah; fine moment of TV drama as the RM detatchment defends Government House:

    Argentine Advance Party; "Time to give up, Mr Hunt. We have very superior numbers....."
    RM Colour Sgt "Fcuk off you spic bastard!"